Pamela Wilson TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre

Every month, beautiful.bizarre chooses one of our favourite artists to TAKE OVER our social media for the day. Just in case you missed it, below we present the full TAKE OVER from our January artist, Pamela Wilson.

Get ready for a fantastic journey with our first Take Over artist of the year, Pamela Wilson! What are the inspirations behind an artist who loves finding the beauty in absurdity? Whose own compelling characters are filled with emotion, their reality tweaked from normal boundaries, characters that engage you and welcome you into their world. We are so excited to see Pamela’s favourites today, we know it’s going to be a great start to 2017. Over to you Pamela!

I would say my favorite piece I’ve done in the last year or two is “Undine, Lost at Sea”. I was working through some tough losses, and feeling my pain thoroughly. This painting gave me a way to tell my story to myself, and to find my way out. It might be the first time I tried to create a space that cannot exist, and go there. It’s just a beginning, but I’m on fire with new ideas and techniques to explore. My mind is a wonderland.

Xevi Sola Serra​ “Pink Future”

I’m totally obsessed with Sola Serra right now. Anything goes. Anything. This inspires me to look for mistakes that can become magical. Always a great narrative going nuts. The mix of realism with playful color and brushstrokes – and surreal environments – is luscious.

Justin Mortimer​ “Family Dollar” (Oil)

Mortimer is always reminding us of the abundance – and acceptance – of cruelty toward humans– by humans. I love all of his work – and have for quite some time.

Mothmeister (Taxidermy Nightmare Photography)

As a collector of (tattered) taxidermy animals, I always find this husband and wife team particularly inspiring, and the photographs are always breathtaking!

Darla Teagarden​ “Lamentation for Mrs. Fly”. (Mixed media photograph)

Cannot say enough about Miss T. She inspires me daily – for years now! – to be playful with environments and objects. Bend the rules.. even with the most heart-wrenching material.

Jude Harzer​ “Cleansed” (Oil on Canvas)

Oh My Gosh. I cried about this very moving painting for about two months straight. One of the few paintings ever to truly MOVE me, it came into view at the right time, and explained my life to me. It lovingly let me know what I did not want to know. This painting is such a part of me, and now so is Jude. (We met in New York last August, and I adore her.)

The Ljilja “The awareness of dark realm. Fear, hate, revenge, destruction, thirst for blood… They all resides deep inside. Shed the light on your monsters and you shall learn from them. Repression is the heritage break the cycle!” (Mixed media/ Performance/ Photography).

I think this artist is so far ahead of most of the rest of us. Something new and appallingly fresh almost daily. Her work is formally beautiful, and speaks to me on such a low note, a stealth but powerful cry. (I believe she is a performance artist.)

Phil Hale​ “Life Wants to Live” (Oil)

It took me a while to decide that he’s honest, but Phil is a force, and he blows my mind.

Golucho​ “Gordi Grande Mujer” (Oil, Purple Ground)

That purple! That look! The man is a genius. I’m so inspired to fund some magic of my own.

This is the final piece chosen by Pamela Wilson​. What an amazing journey into what inspires Pamela and her paintings. Thank you so much for taking so much time and care in choosing your favourites.

Keep an eye on our web page for the full Take Over Day preview post as well as our previous Take Overs! COMING TO THE FEBRUARY TAKE OVER: Troy Brooks​!


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