Unit London x Avant Arte: An Instagram Art Show

Once again, Unit London proves it is interested in displaying incredible artists, as well as starting a dialogue about social media and the evolution of the consumption and viewing of traditional media. This time, Unit London has teamed up with the founders of Avant Arte to put together a show that embraces and showcases some of the most loved artists on Instagram. This show is a follow-up to Paintguide, ‘The first Instagram curated art exhibition,” a show held at Unit London in November 2015 that brought together artists with different styles and backgrounds to take their work from the screen to the gallery. This show brought in a huge crowd and proved to be a huge success, so the Unit London is again fusing together social media and a commercial art gallery with some renowned, respected artists. This art show is landmark reminder of how much social media’s sphere of influence has grown in recent times. If you are an avid user of social media sites like Instagram then you may want to use the services of bio.fm in order to store content all in one place.

The collaboration between Curtis Penning and Christian Luiten of Avant Arte and Joe Kennedy and Jonny Burt of Unit London is simply brilliant. The boom in social media and online art sales inspired the team to curate this ‘Instagram Art Show.’ Both entities are pushing the envelope in the contemporary art world in an innovative way, understand the monumental influence the internet has on the market, and are experts at finding the best international artists. Both Avant Arte and Unit London have the ability and the interest in utilizing the intersection of art and social media to put together a show that is sure to generate a lot of attention. It will be a great opportunity for audiences to see pieces they love on Instagram, in person. If you’re anywhere near London, be sure to catch this show!

Unit London x Avant Arte: An Instagram Art Show

Exhibition Dates:

January 12 – February 2, 2017

Unit London

147-149 Wardour Street, Soho, London W1F 8WD

United Kingdom

For purchasing information and availability, please contact the gallery directly at art@theunitldn.com

Featured Artists:

Jason Seife, Lionel Smit, Henrik Uldalen, Brian Willmont, Ryan Hewett, Ivan Alifan, Sandra Chevrier, Stephan Doitschinoff, Anthony Lister, Massimo Agostinelli, Miss Bugs, Vermibus, Jan Kaláb, Jake Wood-Evans, Will Martyr

About Avant Arte:

Avant Arte was launched in 2014 Curtis Penning (21) and Christian Luiten (23). In June 2016 Huffington Post listed Avante Arte as one of the most influential art Instagram accounts. Driven by the desire to democratise the process of finding and buying contemporary art, Avant Arte has built an online following of over 500,000. With 16/17 million views monthly, followers are growing at 10-14k per week.

About Unit London:

Unit London was set up in 2013 by Joe Kennedy (27) and Jonny Burt (27) who were frustrated by the exclusivity of the commercial art sector. In just three years they have gone from charity shop pop-up to thriving commercial gallery with an international roster of artists and a fast-growing following of young art lovers, and both first time and established collectors. While Unit London’s peripatetic beginnings were founded on social media, their openness online – with over 80,000 followers worldwide – is matched by the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere of their expansive Wardour Street gallery.

Sandra Chevrier

Stephan Doitschinoff

Lionel Smit

Ryan Hewett

Jake Wood-Evans

Henrik Uldalen

Anthony Lister



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