Elegant Portraits of Royalty by Laura Sheridan

One of the best things about castles (without them being freakin’ castles, of course…) are the portrait galleries. Wandering through a majestic old building and seeing all these faces of the people who used to amble through the same rooms and corridors centuries ago is something that never gets old. With duckfaces and selfies all around, it seems the class of these portraits is long gone, but fortunately there are still artists around who guard the tradition of these fantastic portraits. Laura Sheridan, a photographer from Belgium, is one of those artists. There are style elements in Laura’s work that refer to classic art, yet its inhabitants seem to be from another world. All kinds of mystical creatures grace Laura’s work, always looking flawless from makeup and hair to outfits and accessories. The stunning jewelry and headpieces of among … Continue reading Elegant Portraits of Royalty by Laura Sheridan