Hannah Yata TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre

Every month, beautiful.bizarre chooses one of our favourite artists to TAKE OVER our social media for the day. Just incase you missed the day we present the full TAKE OVER from our December artist, Hannah Yata. Hannah took over beautiful.bizarre and we loved seeing some her inspirations.

With a deep love of nature and animals, Hannah Faith Yata, brings an extraordinary world to life in her art. Visually stunning and full of colour, she embeds a deeper meaning into all of her paintings. Her passion for the environment, political ideas and themes of moral justice are interwoven into the pieces. The details are exquisite, beautiful and inspiring. Her surreal landscapes are a big favourite amongst the team at beautiful.bizarre and we are honoured that she has agreed to share her favourite art and inspirations in our December TAKE OVER day. Thank you so much Hannah, we are looking forward to seeing your choices!



You can follow more of Hannah’s work here Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr

Over to you, Hannah…

“Supercalifragilistic,”  was a ground-breaking piece of work conceptually as well as artistically. This time, I fell in love with dance and how it plays a roll in tribal societies with healing, spirituality, rituals, as well as celebrating the earth and animal spirits. This mix of dance and explosions of color awakened a different side to my work that I continue to explore in many aspects.


Vincent Desiderio

When I look at Vincent’s work, it’s a feeling an unsettling mystery, the stuff of people, the undercurrents of magic, darkness, and life. He’s one artist you can’t say “when you see one you’ve seen them all.” They all are different but part of a larger story. For me, his work is reminder of death, of mortality… while singing with the grit and passion of life.


Jenny Saville

This is one of my favorites from Jenny’s work: I love the dark, strong psychology of Jenny’s figures, but also especially the unapologetic confrontation between viewer and the bodies of her figures. The energy is so intense in each piece with brushwork that carves the forms.


Olivier de Sagazan

His work combines sculpture, painting, and performance art. The dirt and clay he mixes with the strong colors such as the black and red seem to sing with impunity. The way he obscures his faces makes each piece mysterious and disturbingly provoking. To me, they seem like the very ground itself crying out from the wells of the earth.


Yayoi Kusama

The colors, as well as patterns, are something I’m really attracted to in her work. The dot work is compulsive as it is mind boggling. She seems to make these incredible wonderlands that play with your mind but at the same time somehow relax it.


Nick Cave

As someone who is also inspired by tribal dress, dance, and music I would be amiss if I didn’t mention Nick Cave. I love his wild costumes and crazy ‘appenditures’… there’s something haunting about how he emulates sound in his costumes as well as plays with obscuring his figures


Beth Cavener

Beth captures such intense human emotions and psychology with her animals. The language the relationships of her bodies is so incredibly emotive as well as the tension and energy in the hanging and intertwining of the animals.


AJ Fosik

His work explodes with color and vibratory patterns. There’s something incredibly satisfying about  the symbolic and psychedelic nature of his work.


Jonas Burgert

His works seems to both seethe with a toxic environment and simultaneously address the struggle of humanity. His incredible use of color both attracts and repels the viewer in his tumbling compositions and fearless brushwork


This was the final piece chosen by Hannah Yata. Wow, what an incredible TAKE OVER. It is always amazing to see what our favourite artists choose! Thank you so much Hannah for taking some time out of your busy schedule to spend the day with us!

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