Icons, Inspirations and Adornments: Heart of Bone


“Heart of Bone creations fuse Emma’s love of everything fashion, pop culture and fairytales together with her rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle”

Bold, darkly poetic pieces of silver and gold, exquisitely handcrafted and unique… these are just a few ways to describe Heart of Bone. First carved meticulously in wax, each piece is then cast into a visually stunning creation. Often meaningful and symbolic, Emma Abrahams creates her brand of iconic bespoke jewellery called ‘Heart of Bone’.

Emma’s pieces truly are works of art, with beautiful tones embed into the detailed pieces. Eye-catching statement rings like the giant death moths, bats, skulls and scorpions. Her range captures the magical and spiritual, designed to make a statement, while still being a versatile embellishment. Venitas symbols, while often popular for jewellery, can often miss the mark but Emma has somehow captured a unique feel, making her rings romantic and unreserved. Distinct designs, that shape themselves around the wearer, are striking; they give insight into the obvious fearlessness of someone willing to express their daring. Emma has a passion for custom pieces and encourages her fans to have a one off piece made exclusively for them, where no moulds are made of these commissions, making them truly personalised.


Slash Ring

Heart of Bone also makes Icon rings that include Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Carmen Miranda, Ariel the little mermaid, Maleficent, Wonderwoman, David Bowie and many more.  Inspired by her portraiture practice and taking the skull icon concept to another level all together by adorning them with their defining characters style and accoutrements.

A practicing artist for 20 years, Emma has had an extensive career in the arts as a painter, an antique restorer (where she ran a restoration studio) and also in the fashion industry. Emma sees her jewellery as an extension of her brand ‘Heart of Bone’ that encompasses her creativity as an artist.

“Emma’s work playfully toys with our consumption of celebrity culture and the relentless way us human beings create our modern idols. Worn and collected by rock stars, style makers, bloggers, artists, models, porn stars, slashies and other cool folk of planet earth.”

Head over to Emma’s web page to see some of her incredible pieces and an abundance of famous names wearing her iconic custom pieces!

Website + Shop | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Octoskull Ring

About the Artist:

Emma Abrahams has had an extensive and eclectic career spanning the arts, interiors and fashion industries. Abrahams trained as an antique restorer and ran a restoration studio in Prahran throughout her 20’s specializing in 18th century French and Italian painted and gilded furniture. This work led her into various large-scale interior and creative commissions within the fashion industry where she met her husband Justin Abrahams, founder of Husk boutiques. Abrahams became Creative Director and Buyer for Husk boutiques in 2002. Post selling the Husk brand in 2008, Abrahams has since gone on to consult on creative strategy and marketing to major fashion brands and within the contemporary art world for Anna Schwartz Gallery, Bettina Liano, Pacific Brands, mamamia.com and Country Road. Abrahams launched Heart of Bone in 2014 from her Melbourne studio. All of her pieces are unique and hand-crafted, carved in wax and then cast into sterling silver or gold.


Scorpion Ring


Death Moth Ring


Snake Pit


Bad Bunny Ring


Snake Ring


Devil skull, Enchanted, Bad Bunny, and Lion Ring


Imperial Ring


Dragon Ring


Requiem Midi Ring


Prince Ring


Lethal Midi Ring


Requiem Nail Armour


Eternity Nail Armour


Fairytale Triple Ring


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