Jim McKenzie TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre

Every month, beautiful.bizarre chooses one of our favourite artists to TAKE OVER our social media for the day. Just incase you missed the day we present the full TAKE OVER from our November artist, Jim McKenzie. Jim took over beautiful.bizarre and we loved seeing some his inspirations.

So everyone over here at the beautiful.bizarre offices knows I have a big fat girly crush on Jim McKenzie’s work, so how could I not include one of my favourite artists in our TAKE OVER days! Of course it isn’t just me, Jim has a charismatic and infectious on line persona, coupled with an incredible  talent in many areas of the arts. Sculptor, animator, director, painter and professor. No idea how he does it all, but I feel one day I might see him slowly walking out of his home with a walking stick just prior to him somersaulting up the gates. So I have made sure that all of you today have a golden ticket and get to take a little sneak peek into Jim’s mind and to see some of the work that has inspired him to date.

You can follow more of Jim McKenzies work here Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Big Cartel

Enjoy everyone and over to you Jim!

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“Octopump Origins” was the first piece of original art that I had shown publicly in an art gallery setting back in 2011. I created this digital painting during my train rides back and fourth. It was based off of a photo I found of myself on sitting on a swing on Halloween night the year prior to making the painting. After creating this image it really opened my eyes to what was possible. I wanted to further develop this world, along with the characters that lived in it. I titled it “Octopump Origins” because I envisioned a whole series of digital paintings and creations that would follow within the same aesthetic.

This piece is available for pre-order on jimmckenzie.bigcartel.com

“Daughters” by Hannah Faith Yata

If I had to describe Hannah’s paintings I would say, “Eye-dartingly delicious”. A lot of her work depicts psychedelic tribal culture fused with female figures and wondrous creatures. If I could eat one painting, it would be this one.

“Warrior” by Charlie Immer

Charlie is one of my favorite artist out there today. His paintings are dark in subject matter yet there’s something so refreshingly breath taking about each piece. Even though all of the characters that roam his established world are clearly either dead or have endured some great deal of trauma, they seem to be fairly optimistic with whatever situation their in.


 “TuTu 1” by Scott Radke

I’ve never felt such strong emotions when looking at a sculpture until I’ve discovered the work of Scott Radke. Once you lock eyes with these characters, you immediately feel all of their sorrow, their pain and their loss. It’s the perfect amount of melancholy you need to start your day. I was heavily inspired to start sculpting after collecting some of Scott’s work back in 2012. This piece in particular has always resonated with me most.


“Rise” by Alexéy Kashpersky

A beautifully rendered 3D image by Alexéy Kashpersky. This piece is both magical and raw. It’s one of those great reminders that we are all one with the universe. 


“Life on Earth?” Lori Nelson

I love Lori’s work not only because it’s aesthetically beautiful but the subject matter is relatable. Themes of technology, vulnerability, and young optimistic outcast are found throughout her pieces. There’s even a hint of herself in many of the characters. This piece is a role reversal of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” depicting a young martian dreaming about what wonders that may lie on the other side of the galaxy (Earth). A very “grass is greener on the other side” situation (or in this case face is greener).


Yoko D’holbachie

Yoko’s work really brings out the child in me. It’s so vivid and playful- almost reminiscent of strange toys you may have had as a toddler but with a dark twist.

“Lost Signal” by Casey Weldon

Casey’s work glows with magic in every piece.

“Secret Heart” by Sarah Joncas

This is one of my favorite pieces by Sarah Joncas. Her use of color and simplicity allows the image to pop right out at you. 


Be sure to follow our socials for the next TAKE OVER artist Hannah Yata in December.


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