Projection: A Skate Film In Paris

A deft young skater mounts his deck and glides through the wet and dry streets of Paris, his moving image flickering between days and nights, as iconic French architecture decorates the background with beautiful textures and various shades of white and grey. This is “PROJECTION” a short film starring skateboarder Antoine Plainfossé and directed and designed by Baptiste Brousse-Atlan.


Directed and designed by Baptiste Brousse-Atlan

Featuring Antoine Plainfossé

Shot in Paris, France

PROJECTION from Baptiste Brousse-Atlan on Vimeo.

projection, skateboarding

This three and a half minute short film shows the introspective side of skaters, as Antoine plays among the architecture of Paris, enjoying the sensations, vibrations, and pure adrenaline of real momentum and speed as he searches for new spots to challenge his talent. But as he ollies and grinds off the stairways and curbs, and cruises among the Leon Cladel Skatepark, he is pursued by a mysterious silver fluid and viewers are left to wonder: is the silver a positive element – the slick and elusive endorphin rush sought by the brave athletes of extreme sports? Or is it the troubling trickle of stress and bad times; the greasy stuff that chases us around like an unshakable black storm cloud?

Skateboarding has become such a big part of so many people’s lives recently. This film really shows another side to skaters, presenting them as children and young adults who are just staying active whilst doing something they love. Skateparks, however, aren’t always just occupied by skateboarders. There has also been an increase in people learning how to use stunt scooters. Both of these activities can be done at the same place, meaning that more and more people could be attending their local skateparks after watching this film. It can be difficult to know how to choose the stunt scooters, however, with the help of online reviews, it’s much easier. With that information, more people might be spending more time in their local park after watching this, whether that’s on a skateboard or on a stunt scooter!

The quickening ooze chases Antoine the way the shape-shifting T-1000 cyborg of Terminator 2 relentlessly seeks the movie’s three protagonists. The fluid finally catches up with Antoine and meets him mid-air at the precise moment he is executing a kick flip in the forecourt of the famous Musée d’Orsay. This is a stunning visual climax to a short art-skate film worth sitting down to watch. But don’t get too comfortable – a shiny and slippery presence is waiting around the corner.

projection, skateboardingprojection, skateboarding

projection, skateboarding

Director Baptiste Brousse-Atlan

projection, skateboarding

Antoine Plainfossé

projection, skateboarding

projection, skateboarding

projection, skateboarding

projection, skateboarding

projection, skateboarding

projection, skateboarding

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Jennifer Susan Jones is a Southern California-based mixed media artist, arts writer, and educator specializing in the creative process and art therapy. She has a Master's degree in counseling and has worked with clients using various art therapy modalities. Her understanding of human nature and her background in psychology informs and guides her interview process. Jennifer enjoys visiting galleries and studios in the Los Angeles area to write reviews and speak intimately with creatives. She is confident that her writing helps contemporary artists and their work be more accessible to the public. As an artist, she enjoys producing surreal, mixed media assemblage art that is inspired by the natural world. Her goal as an artist is to evoke feelings of awe, enchantment, and childlike wonder.

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