“Reflect: Tropic” @ Navillus Gallery

OPENS TONIGHT (US) We are honored to present the brilliant works of Christie Lau and Kirk Mechar in the stunning exhibition, “Reflect: Tropic” at Navillus Gallery in Toronto. The exhibition includes selected small to large size paintings and sculptural pieces by these two fantastic artists. Both find their inspiration in nature; each studying and expressing their vision distinctively, and with a momentous depth of contemplation.

The Navillus Gallery was founded by passionate collectors who have been immersed in the art world for over thirty years. Their pursuit, showcasing the works of Canadian and International emerging and mid-career artists, has worked to reveal the true power of art. The capacity of magnificent artworks to energize a space, enlighten the viewer and enrich the quality of life is a driving force of this remarkable gallery.

Reflect: Tropic

christie_lau_010Opening Reception:

November 17, 2016 |6-8pm

Exhibition Dates:

November 18- December 16, 2016

Navillus Gallery

110 Davenport Road, Toronto, ON, M5R 3R3

For purchasing information and availability, please contact the gallery directly at inquire@navillusgallery.com

Christie Lau

Inspired by her travels and biological diversity, Lau hopes to excavate realizations about the human condition by working with themes surrounding genetics, evolution, and ethology. In her Replicator series, Christie employs a range of techniques to relish the complexity of her subject matter and intricacy of natural forms, focusing on the survival solutions of the epiphyte plant in the rainforest in Tortuguero National Park.

In a series of new work, Lau represents human’s vanity with a mirror surrounded by different species of birds. The work derives from Gordon G. Gallup’s Mirror Self-Recognition test, to discover if humans were the only beings with a concept of self. The only bird to recognize itself is the Eurasian Magpie. In her own words:

“We use mirrors to understand reality, ourselves and animals. In 1970, Gordon G. Gallup developed the mirror self-recognition test (MSR) to determine if humans were the only beings with a concept of self. Animals were presented with a mirror before and after their skin was marked with a red dot. If an animal interacted with the red dot on itself, the test indicated it understood the mirrored image belonged to his or her own body. The only bird with this ability is the Eurasian magpie.”









Kirk Mechar

Mechar, inspired by tropical weather systems, often depicts gardens, water and the phenomenal deluge of tropical storms. Mechar’s work is defined by a continuing interest in pattern, particularly as reflected in both abstract and figurative works which are constrained by the traditional disciplines imposed by line, color, and scale. Balancing turmoil and pattern, Mechar’s work is intense, passionate, and colorful.







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