Caia Koopman TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre

Every month, beautiful.bizarre chooses one of our favourite artists to TAKE OVER our social media for the day. On 10 October, Caia Koopman took over beautiful.bizarre and we loved seeing some her inspirations.

I can still vividly remember the first time I saw one of Caia Koopmans paintings. I was completely blown away by the style, the colour and the subject. Intricate dreamscapes with feminine strength and power infused in every piece! Caia is one of the most notable female pop surrealist artists in the world. She is also really cool and rides skateboards, she is passionate about animals and the environment and an all-round good soul. We are so happy to share her TAKE OVER day. She is bringing her style and awesomeness to the day with some clever ways to share her favourite pieces and some very inspiring messages. Over to you Caia!

I am so honored by this opportunity to guest post for you!!

Painting ‘Monk’ by Caia Koopman

I really enjoyed the opportunity to express my concern for rapidly disappearing and critically endangered species in my painting “Monk” for PangeaSeed Foundation. My painting portrays the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk seal while the female character symbolizes the souls of a shrinking population and seals past. I believe strongly that all living things and even the planet itself are intrinsically connected.
When humans are the main cause of a species becoming extinct, even unknowingly, I believe a small part of ourselves dies along with a part of the global ecosystem. In my painting entitled “Monk” the female character represents all humans who are then connected to all life making her and the seal interchangeable. Her ghostlike aura illustrates the near extinction peril of the Hawaiian Monk seal.

To support a great cause and get this awesome print go to the PangeaSeed Online Shop!

Aaron Kraten: ‘Sound Waves’

I love Aaron Kraten’s work, his pieces are all so amazing, I could live in a house full of them! This is Sound Waves and she’s totally listening to her favorite song, and it might be by The Cure, or possibly Love and Rockets. His ladies have great style and make me want to put on a cute outfit!


Richard Salcido: ‘Among the Dolls’

Richard Salcido’s work is beautiful, and then he does the scariest thing ever for an artist…. Richard scrapes and gouges the crap outta his finished pieces! Holy scary thing to do!!! But the result is some sort of chaotic perfection. I especially love Among The Dolls, 2009, it hangs in my house and it makes me happy.


Jeff Soto: ‘New Growth’

Jeff Soto is pure and simply one of my favorite artists. His work is beautifully imaginative and seems to always be subtly exploring the relationship between nature and humanity. His owls are haunting, magical and empathetic, and some are just really cute!! I’d like to spend all my vacation time hiking around his landscapes or maybe just move there when I retire. And his murals are awesome, wowza!!


Jamie Hewlett: ‘Tank Girl’

I’m including Tank Girl by Jamie Hewlett because he is likely the absolute most influential artist to me during my fledgling artist days. Tank Girl was drawn to perfection in my young, teen, rebellious and aspiring artist eyes. She couldn’t have been cuter, cooler or more punk rock if she tried.  Thanks Jamie for creating my illustrated mentor with your super talented drawing skills. It’s possible I may have used his bandaid idea on a few occasions….


Tatiana Suarez: ‘Rainforests of the Sea’

Tatiana has taken much of her amazing skill set to the walls of large buildings, she is a super talented muralist and her art looks fantastic on a huge scale. This is one of her smaller paintings, a piece she did for PangeaSeed and their quest for Ocean awareness.

Tatiana’s painting is inspired by the plight of our disappearing coral reefs. Often called “Rainforests of the Sea”, coral reefs form some of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. They occupy less than 0.1% of the world’s ocean surface, about half the area of France, yet they provide a home for 25% of all marine species.General estimates show approximately 10% of the world’s coral reefs are dead. About 60% of the world’s reefs are at risk due to destructive, human-related activities. The threat to the health of reefs is particularly strong in Southeast Asia, where 80% of reefs are endangered. By the 2030s, 90% of reefs are expected to be at risk from both human activities and climate change by 2050, all coral reefs will be in danger. Thanks, Tati, for your beautiful piece with such an important message.


Camilla d’Errico: ‘Dissasembled tears’

I love everything by Camilla d’Errico she paints the innate connection between humans and animals seamlessly, beautifully, magically, love love love!


Johnny Kmndz Rodriguez: ‘Birds Nest’

Johnny does something that’s visually extra cool, and he does it really well. He is able to paint the illusion of metal: tarnished, rusty, heavy, strong metally-metal, and he balances it with the feathers, fur and other softer elements of the natural world. My eyeballs have always been attracted to this interesting mix and my mind loves how it exemplifies and highlights the fragile beauty of nature and living things. Plus who doesn’t love retro bombs adorned with filigree and jewels on street art style backdrops!  I absolutely love the work of KMNDZ!


Martin Wittfooth: ‘The Incantation’

Martin just came out with a gorgeous book by Mark Murphy @markmurphydesign called Babel and it’s a must have in your monograph collection. His work pulls at the heart strings of anyone who cares about animals and the environment and worries about the havoc humanity has played. He is a master of his craft and his paintings are absolutely stunning. Oh, and he’s got a solo show opening Oct 1 Corey Helford Gallery!!! Thank you Martin for being awesome!!! On a side note, over 100,000 elephants have been slaughtered for their tusks in the past 3 years alone, at this rate they will become extinct soon and solely do to human greed. The United States is the second-largest market for ivory in the world after China.


You can follow Caia’s work here Web | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

About Author

Kylie Dexter was born (and is currently living with her gorgeous boys, Rob and Zen)  in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by Pop Surrealism and the New Contemporary Art movement  she began collecting original works and sculptures in the mid 90's. Since then her collection has grown to epic proportions. She has had an obsession with art from a young age and has an eye for emerging artists, and a deep understanding of the narrative the artist is trying to portray. She believes art can change the way people think and reach the deepest part of their psyches. Kylie has faith in art's ability to create an energy to express and reflect the  deep symbolism and stories that are untouchable in normal reality. She also has a  heartfelt connection to music and is a self-taught artist who brings needle felting to life via her dolls that are sold and shown around the world.   With an enthusiastic addiction for writing about art, talking about art, looking at art and making art, what better place to be, surrounded by what you love! I feel passionate that Beautiful Bizarre Magazine raises the profile of up and coming artists, supports those already in the industry and contributes positively to galleries who share a common goal; to keep art alive and flowing, to keep people creating and more importantly keep people collecting and expressing themselves via the images on their walls. . 'Take your broken heart, make it into art' ~ Carrie Fisher

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  • Kit Diotima
    October 16, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    I very much appreciated the info on ocean environmentalism, it’s sad what we’re doing to the coral reef. I loved seeing one of Camilla d’Errico’s more intense artworks. Thanx for turning me onto Tatiana Suarez’s work, it is rare to see women muralists featured in male dominated street art culture. I really don’t wanna hurt Caia Koopman’s feelings, whose an artist i greatly admire, for her activism, and her art. Out of 8 artists featured, only two were women, and since 4 men were featured first, the women felt afterthoughtish. According to the US NMWA website, 51% of pro artists are women, but women are woefully under represented in museums, only a 1/3 of artists featured in galleries and in (not so alt in certain ways) art mags Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose – but not in Beautiful Bizarre magazine which has an even gender ratio. Which i love about BB. I am often disheartened to see women IG artists featuring men on their feed, but never women. If women aren’t supporting female artists, how can we expect the rest of the male dominated art world to?

    Altho, as a trans woman, i understand that being a member of a minority doesn’t make it your responsibility to educate people. It’s not my job to raise trans awareness…only, i find myself in situations where people ask me questions, and i can’t turn down the opportunity. I know it’s not Caia Koopman’s job to educate people about women artists. It’s just that, i wished she had capitalized on the opportunity.

    And you know just once i’d like to see the ratio go the other way, where someone curated something with 75% women. Just to even things up a little. I’m not saying that should be the norm, but like MLK said in “Why We Can’t Wait,” you can’t call it a fair race if one set of people started dozens of lengths behind. I understand some think we should be “gender blind,” but if that’s leading to a consistent 20 percentish under representation, that’s not really “blindness.” I love that Beautiful Bizarre is a bastion of gender fairness, thank you.


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