Elegant Paper Fashion by Asya Kozina

When you think of the possibility of wearing sheets of white paper, I am sure the image is not especially glamorous. Ukraine paper artist Asya Kozina stretches her medium, and your view of it, past its conventional barriers. Using only regular white paper, she cuts, folds, and shapes intricate forms. Works move between the worlds of fashion and decorative-applied art. Asya Kozina designs life-sized sculptures, wedding dresses, masks, and Baroque style wigs. All of Asya’s creations are made 100% out of paper, right down to the carefully cut out paper lace and paper mesh. To me, the most striking aspects of these fashionable art pieces are the very involved large headdresses that span feet from the model in height and width, and drape with paper beads and other free hanging elements. Asya creates for the enjoyment of the aesthetics, as she … Continue reading Elegant Paper Fashion by Asya Kozina