Blind 7 Photography: Abe Robinson Gives Darkness Life


If you ever need to get your fill of gore and horror, the artist behind Blind 7 Photography can help you get your fix. Self-taught photographer Abe Robinson captures the terrors and fiends that go bump in the night. Ditch the scary movies; you do not need them when you can create your own just by looking at his dark work. Your nightmares are your new home and comfort. Abe Robinson finds beauty where others see grotesqueness. You can spot him meandering around Cleveland, Ohio, USA with his camera, shooting dilapidated buildings and nature. He is a master with the lens, using his talents to give darkness life.


Together, Abe Robinson and his wife, MUA Juliet Blind, create Blind 7 Photography. Juliet herself appears in much of Abe’s work. Hailed as “The godfather of dark glamour” by some, his photography is frightening, yet too gorgeous to look away. His shoots often involve gallons of special effects blood, and sketchy looking basements and buildings that you would imagine being in your favorite horror film. Though his first love is macro photography, Abe Robinson mostly shoots nude, creepy figures. Women bathing in blood, people in asylum patient rooms, faceless characters walking through foggy landscapes…Abe’s work forces you experience feelings that may be more unfamiliar to you; his work makes you feel a wider range of emotion that otherwise would be locked away in your head. His artwork is meant to jar you and catch you off guard. Abe wants to make you feel. No censorship of emotions allowed here.

Free yourself. There is no need to be afraid of the dark. Walk confidently to the edges of your mind. Embrace your bad dreams and make friends with the monsters living in your closet. Dance and frolic with your fears. Maybe the ghouls and beasts could use the company. Abe Robinson of Blind 7 Photography lights the way, camera in hand.




Abe Robinson

Abe Robinson

Abe Robinson

Abe Robinson

Abe Robinson

Abe Robinson

Abe Robinson

Abe Robinson


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Jackie Lemmon can be found Under the Sea, where she paints in her mermaid castle and eats exorbitant amounts of candy and lemon -flavored everything. You are most likely to spy her after dark, or on cloudy, rainy days. Or, if you're feeling brave, you may be able to coax her out of her shell with a bit of ice cream lemon cake. Hopefully, for your sake, she accepts your offer, so that you will not be dragged down to sleep with the fishes. Her work tends to reflect her feelings about the legged folk and the land that they stumble around on.


  • Abe Robinson
    July 26, 2016 at 7:45 am

    Thank you very very much :D

  • Sandi
    July 27, 2016 at 2:42 am



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