Mahlimae TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre

Every month, Beautiful Bizarre chooses one of our favourite artists to TAKE OVER our social media for the day. On 11 April, Mahlimae took over beautiful.bizarre and we loved learning more about her inspirations and how they have affected her work and ideas.

We first introduced our readers to Nicole’s dolls in 2014. Since then Mahlimae‘s dolls have touched many more hearts around the globe. These fragile and mysterious beings draw you into their world, their pensive sadness encouraging you to provide a safe haven, a sanctuary, where they will be protected.

Mahlimae_beautifulbizarre_01So join Mahlimae as she TAKES OVER beautiful.bizarre April edition.

‘Can you stay with me and wait’ by Anja Millen Imagery

I’ve always felt quite at home within the feelings Anja’s work invokes, so many stories and clandestine concepts lurking beneath the surface of her often dark but always beautiful images just waiting to be discovered. If you do as the title suggests, your eyes are gifted the time to linger over the small details in this piece and your heart inevitably captured.

mahlimaeTO_Anja Millen_beautifulbizarre02Anja Millen Imagery

‘Egg 1’ by Scott Radke

Within each of Scott’s wondrous sculptures resides a little fragment of a natural and mysterious world I can relate to on many levels. His characters are incredibly diverse yet unmistakable in their origins, with their gentle silent expressions that lure you in a hope of learning more. This particular piece commands your attention in an unassuming way, which I admire.

mahlimaeTO_Scott Radke_beautifulbizarre_08Scott Radke

‘Happy Birthday’ by Annie Owens Art

It was incredibly difficult choosing just one of Annie’s pieces to share with you. Her work is both delicate and expressive in a way I find both intriguing and greatly inspiring. I take a lot away from this piece in particular, which in turn, has a lot to offer.

mahlimaeTO_Annie Owens_beautifulbizarre_03Annie Owens

‘Curiosity IV’ by Vavje

For as long as I can remember I have been intrigued by the instinct of humans to ‘posses’ things, especially that which we admire. We then go on to display these objects in such a way that we become defined by our possessions, a necessity which appears to be magnified tenfold by the joint presence of curiosity. To me this image is a poignant reminder of the path we are slowly paving towards the inevitable destruction of our natural world.

mahlimaeTO_Je Vavjeniak_beautifulbizarre_04Vavje

Joao Ruas

For me, there lies a familiarity deep within the work of Joao Ruas, a comforting lullaby of sorts whose seemingly ancient origins are steeped in mythology and folklore. I feel strangely soothed by the brooding and mythical aesthetic of this piece in particular.

mahlimaeTO_Joao Ruas_beautifulbizarre_06Joao Ruas

‘Engraved Alter of Limbs’ by Fuyuko Matsui 松井冬子

In my eyes, one of the most inspiring elements of Fuyuko’s work is her ability to capture typically intangible sensations such as pain, fear and rage and convey them in a beautiful way that somehow seems washed with serenity. With such strong imagery in her portfolio, it was very difficult to select just one to share; her work is bewitching.

mahlimaeTO_Fuyuko Matsui_beautifulbizarre_05Fuyuko Matsui 松井冬子

‘Goblin Spider’ by Forest Rogers

Forest’s sculptures seem to have a transcendent quality seldom seen. Whilst exquisite in their detail, the essence within her otherworldly characters captivates me. I am greatly inspired by the strength of narrative within this piece, it has such a presence that there is no need for a caption, it stands alone and it is brilliant.

mahlimaeTO_Forest Rogers_beautifulbizarre_07Forest Rogers

‘Kirihanashi’ by Ozabu

This haunting image is one of my many favourites from Japanese artist Ozabu. Her illustrations are incredibly delicate and feminine, yet the meaningful inclusion of feathers, birds and other botanical elements adds significant weight to their message. I am endlessly inspired by the way in which she seems to expertly choreograph this intricate dance between fragility and strength every time, wonderful.


‘Anguish’ by August Schenk

It has been such an honour sharing this small selection of works/artists with you all, thanks so much to beautiful.bizarre Magazine for allowing me to take over for the day. Upon concluding, I share with you one of the most powerful pieces of art I have ever had the pleasure of viewing in person. Having grown up in a home devoid of artwork, standing below this painting as a teen was like a revelation to me. Before that moment I had no idea a piece of art was capable of such depth, from which could unfurl the invisible tendrils that reach in and pull at your heart, your mind, your soul…incredibly inspiring.

mahlimaeTO_August Friedrich Schenck_beautifulbizarre_09August Schenk

That was the final piece chosen from the wonderful Mahlimae. Thank you Nicole for sharing your loves and inspiration. We truly enjoyed seeing these amazing pieces. Much gratitude to you.

You can follow Mahlimae’s work here Web | Facebook |Instagram | Twitter


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