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The tarot card: a tool to maneuver deep into the unknown, it has drawn curious individuals to relish in its mystery for centuries. A source of inspiration and guidance, it is the epitome of Arcana – derived from the Latin word arcanus, meaning “mysterious,” “hidden” or “keeper of secrets.”

In Corvidae Collective Gallery‘s latest exhibition, artists from around the globe have gathered to give their personal representations of the major tarot Arcana. Each painting or drawing has been carefully designed on a 14×18 deep-cradled birch panel, slotting together in undeniably eloquent harmony. Arcana is a group show where each artist shares their own interpretations of their selective tarot cards; what speaks to them both as artists and as individuals is laid bare, connecting artist to the esoteric and the mystical.

In collaboration with Arcana, Corvidae Collective’s resident tarot reader Kiki Dombrowski has created an insightful article on the different cards, exploring their histories, meaning and symbols. You can find excerpts from her article below alongside a peek at some of the paintings created.


Arcana_Corvidae_Gallery_Beautiful_BizarreExhibition Dates:
June 4- June 30, 2016

Corvidae Collective Gallery

11 Arcade, Nashville, TN 37219

IG: @corvidaecollectivegallery | Twitter: @CorvidaeGallery


Nom Kinnear King | Samuel Araya | Brynn Elizabeth | Laurie McClave | Megan Buccere | Bella Harris | Scott Kirschner | Terry Montimore | Kamille Freske | Kevin A Taubman | Lea Barozzi | Lisa Eisenga | Michael Armenia | Karen Short | Nina Covington | Symantha Jones | Mani C. Price | Tammy Mae Moon | Linsay Blondeau | Heather Roser | Amy Pragnell | Jackie Cheuvront | Julie Fordham

Terry_Montimore_Corvidae_Collective_Beautiful_BizarreTerry Montimore “Death”

The iconic Death Card is one of the most misunderstood tarot cards, perhaps revealing our society’s lack of understanding in and fear of death. The Death Card does not represent death in the sense of the end of life, but the death of old ways and ultimate rebirth. In ancient societies many initiation rites involved a symbolic death and rebirth.

Sam_Araya_Corvidae_Collective_Beautiful_BizarreSamuel Araya “The Magician”

The traditional Magician stands at an altar, which is covered in various tools, including, instruments the pentacle, wands, cups, and swords, which are the four suits of the Minor Arcana… He heralds a time of creativity, communication, transformation, and awareness in your own personal brand of mojo. Common meanings: study, communication, written and spoken word, focus, determination, channeling, using time wisely, law of attraction, working towards completing projects, ambition, taking action.

Heather_Rose_Corvidae_Collective_Beautiful_BizarreHeather Rose “The Hierophant”

The Hierophant represents a spiritual leader bringing knowledge and wisdom to his followers. When the Hierophant appears in your readings, you are in a space of initiation: it is a time to reflect on recent lessons as they are now being put to the test. He also forces you to confront the restraints of mainstream institutions.

Nom_Kinear_King_Corvidae_Collective_Beautiful_BizarreNom Kinnear King “High Priestess”

The High Priestess asks you to check in with yourself: withdraw from the world of activity and chaos and seek out peace, intuition, and meditation. Welcome omens from divinity, contemplate psychic impressions, and connect with esoteric and feminine spirituality. There is potential in your spirit, but it can only be realized through self-reflection, turning inwards, and exploring silence. It is night in her world, where mystery, supernatural, and inner journeying rule the realm.

Elizabeth_Brynn_Corvidae_Collective_Beautiful_BizarreBrynn Elizabeth “The Hermit”

The Hermit is a favorite card for occultists and magicians. He is a shaman, a bohemian, a Christ-like figure, a Merlin-like advisor, and the archetype of the wise old man. He has retreated to the wilderness to connect with Great Spirit. Through silence and solitude, there is clarity, self-development, and a direct connection to divinity. Your soulmate right now is you: honor your own growth and progress by studying the deepest of subjects and reflecting on them quietly.

Julie_Fordham_Corvidae_Collective_Beautiful_BizarreJulie Fordham “The Devil”

The Devil represents the illusion of materialism: the false fulfillment of drugs, sex, wild inhibition, and instant gratification. It asks you to examine your addictions and flaws, as they are impacting your abilities to see the bigger picture…only through, own self-examination, actions, and reclamations, can you liberate yourself from despair and empty satisfaction.


Symantha_Jones_XII_Corvidae_Collective_Beautiful_BizarreSymantha Jones “XII” (Hanged Man)

The Hanged Man represents the dying/resurrected God. The Hanged Man’s unusual posture shows how he has a unique perspective of the world. If you turn a traditional Hanged Man card upside you may notice the Hanged Man is in the yogic tree pose, and his expression is a very faint Mona-Lisa-like smile. The Hanged Man represents a sacrifice, a descent into darkness as a means of deepening wisdom… in the darkest of times you discover what you are made of.

Karen_Short_Corvidae_Collective_Beautiful_BizarreKaren Short “Emperor”

The Emperor embodies the fatherly archetype…h e sees your potential and sets you on a path of making clear decisions, staying energized, and determined so you may someday be in a position of advantage and self-realization. Common meanings: discipline, order, following rules, organization, responsibility, taking control, exploring masculinity, government, rationalism, law, authority.


Lea Barozzi “Fortune” (Wheel of Fortune)

The Wheel of Fortune’s meaning is as curious as all of the many symbols traditionally found in the card. The Wheel of Fortune spins and our fates feel the rise and fall of patterns and lessons.  Common meanings: fortune, luck, opportunity, favorable events, cycles, Karma, destiny, expansion, revolution, shift, going with the flow, letting go, ready for something new.

KevinT_Corvidae_Collective_Beautiful_BizarreKevin A Taubman “The Chariot”

The Chariot is a powerful symbol of momentum, victory, and empowerment.  He reminds you to stay on target, and being a bit like a coach, he tells you to keep going. He is an encouraging symbol of progress, willpower, and conquest.


Bella Harris “The Lovers”

The Lovers card is more complex than just representing romantic relationships (and we all know how complex romantic relationships can get). This card asks you to be true, revealing, and honorable to create lasting and loving partnerships. It also asks you to be loving and vulnerable with yourself… how you show love to others, express gratitude frequently, and give yourself time to work through the complex emotions of love.


Kamille Freske “The Star”

The Star is a highly elevated and spiritual card. With this card, you pierce the highest spiritual teachings and enter a magical, creative, and Otherworldly universe. The Star asks you to hold yourself in a space of love and hope, where you can be open to divine inspiration. There is no inspiration when you dwell on negative issues.


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