Not Unexpected Anymore: Arna Miller and Tripper Dungan @ Sally Centigrade

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Nothing is quite as fun as odd couple pairings, and this couple is plenty odd. Tripper Dungan brings anthropomorphic characters to life in 3D (using polarized glasses) with loud garish colors in tripped out LSD worlds. Arna Miller uses a wry sense of humor and a vintage Americana feel to create posters that are equal parts nostalgic and hilarious. Perhaps the weirdest part: Somehow, when they are together it feels like a perfect match.  Visit Sally Centigrade for more information and available works available for purchase.

This piece was written by Scott Bailey, one of the owners of the Sally Centigrade Gallery.

Not Unexpected Anymore

Exhibition Dates:
May 19 – June 11, 2016

Sally Centigrade Art Gallery

1423 Larimer Street, Suite 080
Denver, CO 80203


Arna Miller

ArnaMillerRaviZupa_BeautifulBizarre ArnaMiller_BeautifulBizarre4


ArnaMiller_BeautifulBizarre ArnaMiller_BeautifulBizarre2


Tripper Dungan

TripperDungan_BeautifulBizarre11 TripperDungan_BeautifulBizarre10 TripperDungan_BeautifulBizarre8 TripperDungan_BeautifulBizarre9 TripperDungan_BeautifulBizarre7 TripperDungan_BeautifulBizarre6 TripperDungan_BeautifulBizarre5 TripperDungan_BeautifulBIzarre4 TripperDungan_BeautifulBizarre3 TripperDungan_BeautifulBIzarre2 TripperDungan_BeautifulBIzarre


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