Reimagined Iron: Anu Tera

Normally when you think of jewellery, you think of a diamond ring, gold band, a silver heart necklace, and other types of fanciful jewelry, but where do the bad girls, dark goddesses, and powerful women shop for the perfect adornment? Girls with imaginings of a dystopian future, of being urban warriors living for survival in a futuristic landscape? While you wouldn’t normally associate the words iron fangs and cages, leather bounding, and spear cuffs with jewellery, this is the ideal way to describe the work of Anu Tera.

There are so many reasons to become obsessed with these unique pieces. The details are exquisite, the boldness of the iron and the delicacy of herkimer diamonds forcing your eye to find the light reflecting from the hard lines and sharp edges. Although the pieces speak at first of post apocalyptic waste lands, this jewellery empowers and emits strength and independence.

Much of the jewellery is interchangeable, allowing the wearer to set the mood and flawlessly compliment their own style, either with a simple but dramatic hairpin or a multiple strap leather choker. So much care is taken in the creation of this jewellery, and much is handmade once the wrist, ring, and neck size is taken. The materials used reflect the nature of the design, with pieces braided with goatskin and freehand wrought iron shaped to perfectly fit the wearer. Waxed thread holds these pieces together and some can be separated for a vastly different effect or can be given to another. Exquisitely fitted lambskin with lace and oxidized brass to finish, radiates empowerment and sensuality. Every detail is considered and when wearing these pieces you know they will last well beyond the wrist or neck that they hang from.


HERKIMER & IRON NECKLACE. Freehand wrought iron. Herkimer quartz and goatskin.

Photography Sandra Palm.

Anu shares that her inspiration for the pieces comes from “the relationship between the natural and modern spaces we inhabit, that’s why I often combine industrial and natural materials. Everything that touches me personally – raw, honest, and vulnerable.” She says “I enjoy displaying things without having to explain them, or being too literal with what they are, or what I’m trying to say”.

Anu feels she has always known that she wanted to work with her hands, but not having an overly artistic urge and not feeling a “connection” with clothing – “I never liked to sew”, designing accessories was where she found her middle ground. Anu attended the Estonian Academy of Arts, studying leather Art and Accessory Design and on completion she began working with companies in Germany and Sweden, after some time she began to feel “stuck” working for these bigger brands as she felt she couldn’t express herself the way she wanted. Luckily, for the design world, Anu had many trusted friends working in their own creative fields, they suggested that she start her own label. “At that time, I really didn’t believe in the idea myself, but I’m really glad they helped and supported me. That gave me the strength and courage to start as an independent designer.”

Far more beautiful that the obvious pieces of jewellery past, she effortlessly moves us into the future, and reminds us all again of why black is so beautiful. Her work can also be found via Sisters of the Black Moon.


HERKIMER & IRON NECKLACE. Freehand wrought iron piece. Herkimer quartz and goatskin.


TERRAIN BRACELET. Tanned leather cuff with wrought iron and oxidized clasps.


IRON CAGE BRACELET. Vegetable tanned leather cuff with wrought iron by Tarvo Porroson.


LEATHER LACE UP SHORTS. High Waist lambskin shorts with brass adornment and lace up back.


MINI HERKIMER AND IRON NECKLACE.Big herkimer diamond wrapped in goatskin.


TERRAIN RINGS. Hand stitched leather rings with wrought iron.


QUARTZ ARM/CUFF/NECKLACE. Quartz wrapped in deer skin. Base in brass.


BI/TRI FOLD RING SET. Hand stitched cowhide rings.


HERKIMER AND IRON HAIRPIN. Freehand wrought iron, herkimer quartz diamond and wrapped in goatskin.


BI LEATHER RINGS AND SHANK CUFF by Tarvo Porroson. Photographer Sandra Palm.


QUARTZ BRACELET. Deerskin, brass and quartz.


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