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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own an art book where each artist had the entire free reign on its content? Your favourite artists unleashed – seeing into their minds and souls without the limitations of a guided theme or aim. More interestingly, what if I told you that you had up until Friday June 3, 2016 to help this become a reality?

I recently came across the current Kickstarter campaign by ArtOrder, a US publishing firm who focus on supporting artists in particular. Their Invitational, The Journal art book, hooked me instantly as a rare opportunity for the masses to get behind a unique and personal collaboration by over 60 artists from around the world…so what are you waiting for?

ArtOrder Invitational: The Journal art book

Available to contribute up until Friday June 3, 2016


Participating artists:

Allen Williams, Alyssa Winans, Andrea Sipl, Andrew Theophilopoulos, Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Bill Carman, Brom, Bud Cook, Chuck Lukacs, Cory Godbey, Craig Elliott, Dave Dorman, Elizabeth Leggett, Eva Widermann, Filippo Vanzo, Galen Dara, George Pratt, Grahame Baker Smith, Henrik Uldalen, Iain McCaig, Ian Miller, J.A.W. Cooper, James Gurney, Jaime Jones, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Jeremy Sorrell, Jessica Shirley, John Harris, John Picacio, John-Paul Balmet, Jon Foster, Karla Ortiz, Kelly McKernan, Kinuko Y Craft, Laurie Brom, Marc Scheff, Mark A. Nelson, Micah Epstein, Mike Yamada, Nekro, Orlando Arocena, Petar Meseldzija, Reiko Murakami, Richard Anderson, Rob Rey, Ron Lemen, Rovina Cai, Samuel Araya, Sean Andrew Murray, Sho Murase, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Sterling Hundley, Tommy Arnold, Tony DiTerlizzi, Tooba Rezaei, Tracy Lewis, Tuna Bora, Vanessa Lemen, Wylie Beckert and Yukari Masuike…more to be announced.


Galen Dara – City on Tentacles

“Wouldn’t it be cool if… I gathered some of the best illustrators in the world and made an artbook. If I gave them complete creative freedom. If I made it a crowd-sourced project splitting the profits completely equally between the artists?

This is how The Journal began, one man’s dream featuring a collection of over 60 masterful artists, from various genres and industries. 2 years in the making it features true industry veterans, as well as young guns that are just breaking in the field. The theme follows an unguided and uncensored insight into the artist’s approach to their piece.  Every artist is going to create a double page spread, for which they are given complete artistic and creative freedom, in order to bring closer their creation and thought process for their work. A unique and exotic mix of flavors and stories, just like the artists themselves.” – Jon Schindehette, Founder of ArtOrder.

If you are interested in supporting this project and exploring through the choices of awards you can receive, head over to ArtOrder’s Kickstarter page before it’s too late!


Nekro – Swans

Karla_Ortiz_ArtOrder_beautiful_bizarre_001Karla Ortiz – Unnamed

brom - redd angel, Tue May 25, 2010, 3:18:19 PM, 8C, 8720x10782, (942+380), 125%, bent 6 stops, 1/60 s, R80.1, G54.8, B72.1

Brom – Redd Wing

Toni_DiTerlizzi_ArtOrder_beautiful_bizarre_001Toni Tiderilizzi – Unicorn

Rob_Rey_ArtOrder_beautiful_bizarre_001Rob Rey -Stardust Gazing Back


Tracy Lewis – Silk Moth


Henrik Uldalen -Painting #149


Reiko Murakami – Unnamed


Andrea Sipl – First Born


Yukari Masuike – Sheep and Sheep Dogs


Alyssa Winans – Backwater God

Vanessa_Lemen_ArtOrder_beautiful_bizarre_001  Vanessa Lemen – Venus

Samuel_Araya_ArtOrder_beautiful_bizarre_001Samuel Araya – Cassilda’s Song


Marc Scheff – Mudras

JAW_Cooper_ArtOrder_beautiful_bizarre_002J.A.W. Cooper – Rattle

Kinuko Craft – Midsummer Night

John_Picacio_ArtOrder_beautiful_bizarre_001John Picacio – Unnamed (I)

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