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In our very big world, it is easy to pass over the tiny things—the small insects, the tiny bits of trash on our streets, the itty-bitty peels of seeds and soft and sweet leavings of caterpillar cocoons. In Istanbul, one artist, Hasan Kale, uses these tiny forgotten items as backgrounds for his micro-paintings. Transforming the smallest and least seen items into mind-blowing works of art, spending countless hours crafting realistic paintings on surfaces most of us barely ever even see.


An avid artist, Hasan has been painting and drawing since early childhood in Istanbul. Now, he is famous for his micro-art. Using his rare gift for miniature painting and drawing, Hasan tries to interpret places, things, and feelings with a contemporary edge, but based in traditional fine art practices. He can paint on just about anything, and loves a good challenge. From a grain of rice, a nail head, a silk cocoon shred, a needle, a butterfly wing, a piece of candy or a seed, Hasan tries to call attention to the unseen small things in this world, that we take for granted.

Meticulous and finite, Hasan’s micro-paintings are inspiring, and his efforts in jewelry design are breathtaking as well. He opens up a fascinating dialogue about material and fine art, and perception in the art world. He teaches his skills in conferences, seminars and university courses, but his creations alone are the best lesson. By adding new detail and decoration to old objects or small insignificant items, he transforms them into valuable fine art objects, and calls attention to worlds within worlds, tiny biomes underneath our own noses, reminding us to value everything, and inspiring us to see the potential in anything.

Portrait of Hasan Kale by @koraykasapofficial

Portrait of Hasan Kale by @koraykasapofficial




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