Photogasm: Sometimes I Feel Strange

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We present our favorite photography finds of the week, sourced from various social media platforms.

Enjoy beautiful.bizarre’s weekly Photogasm!

‘Sometimes I Feel Strange’

mustafah_abdulaziz_beautifulbizarre_003Mustafah Abdulaziz

Tim_Swallow_beautifulbizarre_002Tim Swallow

Alec_Soth_beautifulbizarre_001Alec Soth

Carlos_Basto_beautifulbizarre_004Carlos Basto

Colby_edwards_beautifulbizarre_005Colby Vincent Edwards

Raptor Blood_beautifulbizarre_006Raptor Blood

Leigha_Mason_beautifulbizarre_007Leigha Mason

Steve_McCurry_beautifulbizarre_008.jpgSteve McCurry

Tim Schutsky_beautifulbizarre_009Tim Schutsky

Olivia_Arthur_beautifulbizarre_010Olivia Arthur

newsha tavakolian_beautifulbizarre_011Newsha Tavakolian

 sohrab-hura_beautifulbizarre_012.jpgSohrab Hura

Max_Pinckers_beautifulbizarre_013Max Pinckers

whitney-hubbs_beautifulbizarre_014Whitney Hubbs

Monika_Mogi_beautifulbizarre_015Monika Mogi

Michal_Bieganski_beautifulbizarre_016Michał Biegański

Alexis Vaughn_beautifulbizarre_017Alexis Vaughn

Matt_Black_beautifulbizarre_018Matt Black

Matt_Lambert_beautifulbizarre_019Matt Lambert

Namsa Leuba_beautifulbizarre_020Namsa Leuba

About Author

Justine has a BFA in Fashion Design and Art History from Pratt Institute, as well as a Master of Arts Education degree from the School of Visual Arts. She is a multi-media artist, radical pedagogue, and Zen Buddhist anarchist. She adores travel, learning new things, and sharing her time with those she loves. Ursula K. Le Guin and Thoreau are her two of her favorite heroes.

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