Pangeaseed | Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans

The PangeaSeed Foundation continued its dedication to marine conservation with an 11 day mural festival spanning March 10-21, 2016 in the coastal town of Napier, New Zealand.  The festival included 28 large scale murals that are thought provoking and tackle current environmental issues including shark finning, overfishing, coastal development, climate change, and endangered marine life.  Below are some pictures of the final murals, the artists at work and even a few shots of the muralists enjoying New Zealand.

For more information about the festival and how to contribute and donate to PangeaSeed, please visit their website or follow along via Instagram | Facebook.

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans

Lauren YS

Participating Artists:

Aaron Glasson | New Zealand | @aaronglasson
Jason Botkin | Canada | @robotkin
Amandalynn | San Francisco | @alynnpaint
Jonny Alexander | San Diego | @jonnyalexander
Askew One | New Zealand | @askewone
Kai’ili Kaulukukui | Hawai‘i | @artworkofkai
Carly Ealey | San Diego | @carlyealey
Lauren YS | San Francisco | @lolo.ys
Celeste Byers | San Diego | @celestialterrestial
MEGGS | Australia | @houseofmeggs
Charles & Janine Williams | New Zealand | @charlestmd @ladydivatmd
Mica Still | New Zealand | @micastill
Christie Wright | New Zealand | @christie.wright
Morag Shaw | New Zealand | @morag.shaw
Cinzah | New Zealand | @mrcinzah
Noelle Anderson | Massachusetts | @noelle.c.a
Christopher Konecki | San Diego | @mrkonecki
Phibs | Australia | @phibs_has_instagram
Vexta | New York | @vexta
Faith47 | @_faith47
TECHS | New Zealand | @techs_x
Trustme | New Zealand | @oltrustola
TWOONE | Japan | @t_w_o_o_n_e
Aaron Glasson_BeautifulBizarre_002

Aaron Glasson (photo by Instagrafite)


Amandalynn (photo by Carly Ealey)

Askew One_BeautifulBizarre_001

Askew One (photo by Olivia Laita)

Carly Ealey_BeautifulBizarre_001

Carly Ealey (photo by Carly Ealey)

Charles and Janine Williams_BeautifulBizarre_001

Charles and Janine Williams (photo by Carly Ealey)

DIRTY BANDITS_BeautifulBizarre_001

Dirty Bandits (photo by Magda Coccinella)


DSide (photo by Yoshi Yanagita)

Elliot Francis Stewart_BeautifulBizarre_001

Elliot Francis Stewart (photo by Tre Packard)

Kai Kualukukui_BeautifulBizarre_001

Kai Kaulukukui (photo by Carly Ealey)


Meggs X Phibs (Photo by Te Kawa Robb)

Noelle Anderson_BeautifulBizarre_001

Noelle Anderson (Photo by Instagrafite)


Phibs (Photo by Instagrafite)

Spencer Keeton Cunningham_BeautifulBizarre_001

Spencer Keeton Cunningham (Photo by Instagrafite)


Vexta (Photo by Tre Packard)

FAITH 47_BeautifulBizarre

Faith 47 (photo by Magda Coccinella)


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