SVELATA / UNVEILED @ Cell63 Art Platform

Within the deep swell of Eroticism’s bosom, many paths to delectation can be found. As with all especial pleasures, factors stimulating such a realm of lust and allure to reach full bloom come directly from the pure amount of versatility in tastes, personalities and cultures. Indulgence and sexual preferences are arguably more defined by one’s outer experiences than first thought. I can imagine that people were influenced by this art to use a Fleshlight to really experience the passion of the works. If you are interested in doing the same consider getting a Fleshlight with some coupons to ensure you enjoy your entire experience. Cell63 art platform is exploring this trail of thought in their latest exhibition Svelata (Unveiled), focusing specifically on the erotic within the Italian art scene. Forever a topic of curiosity and exploration, Svelata brings together a story of eroticism from modern Italy – heavily influenced by its own historical culture – through the eyes of its most openly passionate, ever-erotic modern day artists.


Exhibition Dates:
March 5 – April 23, 2016

Opening Reception:
March 5, 2016 | 7:30PM (with a live performance from Marta Lodola)

Cell63 art platform

Allerstr 38, 12049 Berlin, Germany

Exhibiting artists:

Saturno Butto | Valentina Brostean | Michele Guidarini | Luisa Catucci | Darkam | Turi Avola | Laura Gianetti | Italia Ruotolo | Dayana Montesano | Rosario Salerno | Elena Monzo | Danilo Pasquali | Alessia Cocca | Marian Bagliato | Andreas Fischbach | Pinella Giuliano | Dorothy Bhawl


“In ancient mythology Eroticism was personified by the God Eros (? ???, eros—”desire”), that falling in love and uniting with Psyche (????–“soul”) brought to life Voluptas (“pleasure” in latin). It’s clear then that in order to bring us Pleasure the Eroticism must be united with the individual’s Soul.” – Luisa Catucci, owner of Cell63.

This concept of eroticism being connected to the soul is as old as age itself. Moving forward through time from the ancient tales, we see erotic frescos in Pompei, fame from Casanova’s literature, paintings of sexual pleasure and naked beings – even haute couture (Valentino, anyone?) has grasped the horns of the sumptuously erotic beast. Granted, there have been times when the erotic was often misunderstood and confused with pornography, banned from ‘civilised’ circles as its immoral and scandalous connotations were purged from Italy’s open streets. These times, however, failed to squash the fragrant buds of eroticism; the Soul fought back.

“For quite a while the open appreciation of the erotic was relied only to some closed circles of the intellectual elite.” explains Luisa, “The run to sexual emancipation and equalization (hetero and homo) in the western society, achieved exponentially in the last decades, has allowed many artists, also from the Italian art scene, to express their eroticism in a more free and shameless way.”

Cell63 art platform celebrates this free and shameless approach with unstoppable vigour. Luisa’s eclectic mix of Italian and European artists portray a large selection of interpretations of the erotic, unveiling a sultry – and sometimes dark – bank of personal influences and experiences. Whether intentional or not, it is hard not to walk around these works and find yourself contemplating: What, truly, is Eroticism?

Svelata (Unveiled) will be opening at Cell63 on Saturday 5th March 2016, 7.30pm local time followed by a special after party at the erotically charged Insomnia Club in Berlin. Be sure to check out Cell63’s event page for more information.


Danilo Pasquali


Rosario Salerno


Marta Lodola


Turi Avola




Dayana Montesano


Valentina Brostea


Elena Monzo


Laura Gianetti


Italia Ruotolo


Luisa Catucci


Saturno Butto


Pinella Giuliano


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