Tyler Thrasher’s crystallized beetles and bugs make fairy tales seem possible. As if touched by the magic of love and life with a nymph’s kiss, Tyler’s creations seem ancient and full of mystical power. Upon first seeing one of Tyler’s creations in real life I had the overwhelming urge to pet the crystallized winged creature, and kiss it softly so as not to wake it from its magical slumber, but to assure it that I was in love with its entire existence.


This Tulsa, Oklahoma native began his scientific and artistic experimentation at a young age, and over the years has crafted his own artistic identity with a respect and adoration to the dead animals and insects that inspire him. In an interview, Tyler Thrasher told us that he aims to utilize the principles of chemistry as an artistic medium, using various compounds and solutions to yield crystal growth and finds interesting ways to produce solid metals as well.

Inspired by adventure and the outdoors, Tyler is constantly exploring cavernous environments and cave systems, while hiking and discovering new beauties in nature. Dedicated to his craft, he works as a full time artist, and values his discipline to create at least one piece every single day.


His art teeters on the border of macabre and sublime, involving the cleaned relics of dead animals such as bones, skulls, and whole bodies for insects. Though he is not actually a taxidermist himself, his taxidermy-inspired creations pay homage to the life of the creatures he uses in a similar way to taxidermy. Addicted to challenging himself, Tyler is constantly experimenting with chemistry and materials, while staying within his artistic style. Tyler also creates drawings and paintings, but his crystallized creations are the most evocative and enchanting pieces he creates.

Tyler has shown in galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Tulsa, and has been a guest artist for many crystal and jewelry-based companies across the globe. Interestingly, this includes his most recent guest spot for San Diego-based The Earth’s Gems, where he is currently guest posting on socials and giving away original works of captivating art in contests for a limited period of time; don’t miss out!



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