‘Littletopia’: Daniel Rolnik Gallery @ LA ART SHOW 2016

Daniel Rolnik Gallery brings the delectable delights of painter John Kilduff’s “Kilduff’s Bakery” to the LITTLETOPIA section of the upcoming LA ART SHOW 2016! Held at the LA Convention Center, “Kilduff’s Bakery” is an art installation featuring an array of oil painted baked goods, color and style of which are reminiscent of a psychedelic “The Simpsons” episode, perhaps when Homer gets the munchies and goes to 7-Eleven to stare at the donut display. (There’s even a “duff” in the artist’s last name, but maybe I’m just overthinking things now).

Other artists on display – and continuing the theme of edibles – include: Turtle Wayne’s snack packs, Ferris Plock’s pizza sculpture, Tripper Dungan’s hand-carved wooden donuts, Kat Philbin’s sushi paintings, Bwana Spoons’ boba-drinking-sloth toys, and Porous Walker’s soda fountain drawings.

‘Littletopia’: Daniel Rolnik Gallery at LA ART SHOW 2016

“Kilduff’s Bakery”

Bakers Gonna Bake…


Exhibition Dates:
January 27  –  31, 2016
There booth is located in the LITTLETOPIA section of the LA ART SHOW 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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1201 S Figueroa St. | Los Angeles, CA 90015

For purchasing information and availability, please contact the gallery directly at: Daniel Rolnik Gallery 

Featured Artist:

John Kildruff

Participating Galleries: 

Antler Gallery – Portland, OR, AR4T – Laguna Beach, CA, Coagula Curatorial – Los Angeles, CA, Copro Gallery – Santa Monica, CA, Daniel Rolnik Gallery – Santa Monica, CA, Flower Pepper Gallery – Pasadena, CA, Gauntlet Gallery – San Francisco, CA, Gregorio Escalante Gallery – Los Angeles, CA, Madhaus Gallery, Paradigm Gallery + Studio – Philadelphia, PA, Red truck Gallery – New Orleans, LA, and Thinkspace – Culver City, CA.

Press Release:

John Kilduff was recently featured in an LA TIMES article by Carolina A. Miranda for his installation ART BASIL LA. The article appeared both online and in print. ART BASIL LA saw Kilduff building an art fair in his garden to coincide with Art Basel Miami. He hosted both an opening and closing party as well as had exhibitors from all over the world participate. The whole event was inspired by his dislike of art fairs – “It’s very hard to walk into one of those [fairs],” he says of their relentlessly commercial aspect. “They feel toxic.” But, he adds, “an artist could just make a fair into a part of their own art — which is pretty much what I did here.” (excerpt from THE LA TIMES).

“Kilduff’s Bakery” will be John’s third solo-exhibition at Daniel Rolnik Gallery. His two previous shows, “Kilduff’s Bathroom Supply” and “Kilduff’s Flower Shop”, were met with fantastic critical acclaim.


John Kilduff


Tripper Dungan


Turtle Wayne



Tripper Dungan


 Kat Philbin


Ferris Plock


Bwana Spoons


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