Michele Guidarini’s “Even Pretzel have Eyes (#666)” @ Cell63

Graphic designer by day and mixed media artist by night, Michele Guidarini long ago turned away from the classical paintings and opened his eyes to the farcical world of mass products and logos. His latest solo exhibition at Cell63 art platform intends to stay very much in keep with his deliriously bizarre and controversial artwork; Expanding beyond the walls of our traditional understanding of the meanings behind symbols, Guidarini invites us to stop caring, to stop labelling, and see the world from a new angle. Whether you are looking upon the figure of the well-known cross or trying to regard the reasoning for a well placed swastika, it is easier to remember that with Guidarini, these are merely logos for visual pleasure. It is all about perspective. After all, even pretzels can be seen to have eyes.

‘Even Pretzel Have Eyes’


Opening Reception:
Saturday 16th January | 7.30 PM
with Braintheft Dj Team AND artist present

Exhibition Dates:
16th January – 27th February 2016

Cell63 art platform

Allerstr 38 | 12049 Berlin | Germany

IG: @cell63_artplatform | Twitter: @Cell631

“We are a LOGO based community after all.” explains Luisa Catucci, owner and curator at Cell63. “From religion to politics to ideology to private people. Michele takes advantage of what has already been exploited and squeezed by society. The principle of POP art: by misrepresenting a mass product and giving it new life throughout fantasy, people are left puzzled, they cannot find a meaning, they do not understand why but ask themselves questions and they get interested into new ways of interpreting […] things…The real provocation in his work is the complete freedom of interpretation he lets to the public.”

Guidarini was born in Grosseto, Tuscany (Italy), and studied commercial art before graduating at Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. This road was not to last, however. Studying his paintings, he felt that something was missing, and it wasn’t until he glanced back at his sketches – rough, dirty, severely unpolished, and entirely full of his thoughts and personality – that he saw the way forward for his personal artwork. Since then, many of his techniques involve marker pens, inks, spray paints and collage to create the bold, multi-layered pieces that have become instantly recognisable ‘Guidarini works’.

If you can’t make the opening night on Saturday 16th January with special live music by the Braintheft Dj Team and a chance to meet the artist himself, Michele Guidarini will be exhibiting his solo exhibition ‘Even Pretzel Have Eyes’ at Cell63 until Saturday 27th February 2016.


Michele Guidarini – photo by Alessandro Baldoni


Self Portrait

MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre001MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre003 MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre005MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre006MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre008 MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre009 MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre010 MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre011 MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre012 MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre013 MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre014 MicheleGuidarini_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre015

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