The Surreal Photography of Brittany Boudreaux

From the Deep South of Louisiana Brittany Boudreaux wields her camera like a wand, bringing poignant magic to the images she creates. A graphic designer and photographer she creates professionally as well as personally where her talents range from traditional portraiture, to stunning contemporary artistry. Boudreaux works on multiple projects at a given time, many of which you can view at her website.

In particular, she enjoys playing with the female figure as a physical form. Her images are haunting and sensual, her models vulnerable yet unsusceptible. Female nudes have transcended time, but had primarily only taken the male gaze into consideration. With the contemporary art movement in the early mid-20th century, artist began to reflect on their female audiences and soon, the female nude began to break away from tradition. Boudreaux continues that here. She removes the woman as the object of gaze and the male gaze entirely, and instead, allows her models to command their naked state, figuratively as well as literally.

The various figures are anonymous, giving her audience the opportunity to imagine and create each face. Boudreaux’s use of lighting enhances and accents the figures…the roundness of their bodies or stiffness in their limbs at times. Whether intentional or not, her method brings to focus the idea of the female form and how it inhabits the space around it, traditionally and in modernism, it questions how women occupy the space around them. Her figures are sensual, radiating sexuality, while they manage to be authoritative. They are by no means submissive, but instead, commanding. They inhabit their haunted spaces with power while their slight frames not only exude sensuality but sovereignty of their domain.




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