The captivating work of Sibylle Peretti beckons the deepest part of the imagination, where the virtues of these youthful subjects thrive in a constant dreamlike state. Her poetic narrative is both delicate and disturbing, settling in a place where reality intertwines fantasy. Steeped in symbolic nuances, the corporal elements of nature and humanity propel viewers through the rudimentary emotions of life, death, and mysticism. Executed with a meticulous composition, the intended negative space and arrangements of her sculptures, glass domes, and mixed media works on glass and paper are the result of an exquisite vision.

She received her MFA in Sculpture and Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cologne, and a Master in Glass Making and Design from the State School of Glass in Zwiesel, Germany, where she attained various techniques of enameling, engraving, cutting, and designing glass. Her esteemed works are among several international collections, including the Corning Museum of Glass, Carnegie Museum of Art, Museum of American Glass, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Museum für Kunsthandwerk, Hunter Museum, Speed Museum, and 21c Museum.


“In my work, I explore the lack of harmony between human beings, nature, and our inability of achieving a unity with the natural world. I strive to uncover hidden worlds in which a harmony can exist and heal. Children, who represent vulnerability, are placed in a diaphanous universe of potential solutions and revived through a new and intimate, perhaps mystical reconnection to nature.

While my work hovers between subjects of scientific curiosity, fairy tales and dreams, I use images of children to open our eyes to a mysterious sensibility we may have lost. My children- protagonists are immaculate in their innocence, transmitting a savage view of our own isolation. I examine the child’s identity in a world of adverse layers. The overlay and containment of irreconcilable natures – of disease and beauty, of intimacy and of distance and of innocence and knowledge – have typified the search I have found most important in my work.”




Sibylle_Peretti_beautifulbizarre_004 Sibylle_Peretti_beautifulbizarre_003

Sibylle_Peretti_beautifulbizarre_002Sibylle_Peretti_beautifulbizarre_018Sibylle_Peretti_beautifulbizarre_017Sibylle_Peretti_beautifulbizarre_005 Sibylle_Peretti_beautifulbizarre_009 Sibylle_Peretti_beautifulbizarre_010 Sibylle_Peretti_beautifulbizarre_011 Sibylle_Peretti_beautifulbizarre_012

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