The Effortless Figures of Jodie Herrera

Jodie Herrera’s figures stare back at their audience, their gazes penetrative, as they stand, nude and vulnerable. It’s not just their lack of clothing however, which leaves them exposed. Herrera’s ability to tell their own personal stories, triumphs and pitfalls that leave her figures revealed on the wooden background. However exposed they may be, the women she paints are strong, their posture dominating the surface, daring viewers to gaze upon them. They are more than whimsical imagery, as no figure is ever the same, each as unique as the model and her story.

Herrera’s effortless use of chiaroscuro translates her figures, bringing them to life and capturing their essence. The shadow play emphasizes the story of each woman, giving depth and revealing more about them as they come to life on their wooden surfaces. Her affinity for geometric designs adds a touch of magic and depth that give the paintings something extra. It demonstrates not just the models inner complexity, but also the complexity of people in general. Herrera has been able to do what most artist have yet to master, the ability to not just tell the story of an individual in a single frame, but really capture the essence of who they are, in her effortless imaginative style. Herrera is an emerging artist of the southwest and enjoys hearing from viewers.

For inquires on her work or to see any upcoming events she will be participating visit her website.

Artist Jodie Herrera's strong female figure portraits Jodie_Herrera_beautifulbizarre_002Jodie Herrera_beautifulbiazarre_001Jodie_Herrera_beautifulbizarre_003 Jodie_Herrera_beautifulbizarre_004 Jodie_Herrera_beautifulbizarre_006 Jodie_Herrera_beautifulbizarre_007 Jodie Herrera_beautifulbiazarre_ 003


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