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Polish born Agnieszka Osipa has always been a designer who has enticed me. There is something in her elegantly handmade pieces that not only nods to Eastern European traditions and culture, but brings forth emotions of other worlds; fantasy and history combine in a most luxurious and sultry fashion. Many of her intricately embroidered pieces speak of hidden tales and unknown pasts weaved within vast Norwegian legends, European folklore and tenacious women. With such a presence, it is not hard to understand why so many photographers from around the world have aspired to work with Agnieszka Osipa to revere her astounding couture wear.

With this comes one of my most favoured beauties when regarding Osipa’s work; The ability to transcend each of her pieces into something even more beyond its avant-garde form, drenched in the old legends and Eastern folklore, allowing the photographer at hand to take Osipa’s work to a new level.  Building layers upon her foundations of beauty – already strong in their own right – each worthy photographer creates a second layer to each of Osipa’s unique couture. It is astounding how her work is continuously transformed. Like many, it is hard not be allured by her regal beauty, whatever the angle of the chosen photographer. The results are flawless on so many levels, and personally, the concept of Dark Beauty has never found a better disciple. Agnieszka Osipa’s creations bring couture to a level where history and contemporary fashion collide with true elegance and genuine symbiosis. Prepare for Agnieszka Osipa’s striking world of unparalleled couture.

For more on her works, you can visit her DeviantArt page.


Photographer: Slevinaaron, Model: Kasia Cieślukowska


Photographer: Marcin Nagraba


Photographer: A.M. Lorek


Photographer: Marcin Nagraba, Model: Wiktoria Soszyńska, MUA: Patryk Nadolny


Photographer: Sylwia Makris


Photographer: Marcin Nagraba, Model: Aneta Cypryańska, MUA: Patryk Nadoln


Photographer: Viky Arger


Photographer: Dastin Kouhan


Photographer: Ewa Kępys, Model: Patka Wróblewsk


Photographer: Bartosz Madej, Models: Monika Dmochowska & Kinga Józefiak, MUA: Agnieszka Noska


Photographer: Marcin Nagraba, Model: Klementyna


Photographer: King


Photographer: Helen Warner


Sneak Peek


Photographer: Marcin Nagraba, Model: Natalia Iracka 


Photographer: Ekaterina Belinskaya, Model: Anastas


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