The GalleryX Anniversary Show

When a Gallery first opens its doors, it opens itself to a world of possibilities. Within the whisperings of Will be make it? Will people understand and appreciate what we are trying to share? if one is lucky, there also lies a fire. When GalleryX appeared in all its dark glory, the people of Dublin in Ireland could not have expected what was about to unfold on their very doorstep. Masses of the occult celebrated itself proudly against explorations of desire. Great lashings of the macabre mingled lusciously with naked beings, untold fetishes and mythical creatures. We have even witnessed a very special Masquerade. Though the road has been long, it is undeniable that GalleryX has achieved something special; It has set itself firmly as a lifelong feature within the realms of Georgian Dublin. As a writer at beautiful.bizarre, I have had the privilege to cover every one of their shows since their opening, and it is with great pleasure that I can introduce you all to:

The GalleryX Anniversary Show

Exhibition Preview:  

Thursday, December 3, 2015 | 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates:

Friday, December 4– 23, 2015


NEW LOCATION: 65, William Street South, Dublin, Ireland D2.

“One year is very little in the life of an art gallery. Yet so much happens in the first year. What I discovered this year is that people are hungry for art that is awesomely made, daring, and at the same time accessible to the public and not just to the professionals of the visual arts world. I found artists who truly work from the soul, and whose work is untroubled by commercialism or the search for public patronage.”  – Giovanni Giusti, GalleryX.


Homilia – Arturo Esparza

Accompanied by the special printing of 100 copies of their Anniversary Catalogues (these are bound to sell fast, so reserve your copy quick!) GalleryX are preparing for an especially dark exhibition exploring the murkier aspects of human experience, ready to stir your innermost feelings with fear and wonder. They have invited 16 unique Irish and international artists, hand selected for their raw energy and desire to connect with the viewer, to create what promises to be an event of enticing diversity.

From December 4th, wander the rooms of GalleryX and recreate the memories of Arturo Esparza in his restorative paintings, take in the surreal portraits of Tanya Bond and bask freely in the nightmare worlds of Katarzyna Sliwa. For those with more delicate tastes, you can see ShirrStone Shelter’s (a.k.a. SSSDolls) exquisite handmade adult dolls, and indulge in Mairéad McGuinness’ primitive beauty brought to life in black and white. Each artist brings to the table a delicious feast of their own making – some are old friends who have exhibited before, and some are on a new adventure to the Republic of Ireland…Prepare to indulge in an anniversary show like no other.

Featured Artists:

* Aryana Ahmad (Ari’s Dolls) * Néstor Avalos Official Black arts Site * Vaughn Bénéteau
* Tanya Bond (Tanya’s Charming Creatures) * Daria Endresen * Arturo Esparza
* Eleonora Helbones * Kaos Nest * Simon Lejeune (Vonkor Lab)
* Eoin McEvoy * Mairéad Mc Guinness ART * Lucy Meagher Ceramic Art
* Jean-Baptiste Mouton (Nihil) * José A. López Picardo * Christophe Prades
* Shirrstone Shelter dolls * Sicioldr * Katarzyna Sliwa – Inky Visions

For more information visit the GalleryX website or check out their event page to register your attendance for the special opening night.


Zu Warten – Daria Endresen


Ballet Prawn “OSY” – Shirrstone Shelter


The Crown – Nihil


Salomé – Ariyana Ahmad


Vlada – Eleonora Helbones


Europa – Tanya Bond


MA-007 – Vaughn Bénéteau


Buí I – Mairéad McGuinness 

Qayin – Nestor Avalos


Requiem – Eoin McEvoy


Self-Portrait – José A. López Picardo


De Hypterion II – Simon Lejeune


Usylt – Christophe Prades

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