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An infinite echo over time, the world continues to evolve, slowly changing with each reverberation. Intimately, with each tender pulse there is often a delicate balance between every living thing and its surroundings. Every once in a while a phenomenon will occur to raise the speed of transformation; Of the most predominant catalysts, the reign of Man stands tall. In Cell63‘s latest exhibition Everything makes sense in the Reverse, Laura Gianetti explores the ongoing relationship between human social behaviour and nature through an insightful mix of performance art and photography to capture reaction – and reflection – on our potent effect of the world around us.

‘Everything makes sense in the Reverse’

Opening Reception:
November 21, 2015 | 7PM

Artist present and live music by RAIMENTS

Exhibition Dates:
November 21- January 9, 2016


Cell63 art platform


In the rise of the Industrial Revolution technology greatly boosted our capabilities and evolved the future path of our culture and possibilities. The smog of grandeur did more than mark this turning point in history; Below the blackened skies, the Biston Betularia, a small and delicate moth, found its own path changing. Also known as the peppered moth, this tiny little creature survived by blending itself against the white bark of birch trees. The world began to change. As the Industrial Revolution rose the power of Man, the skies – heavy with pollution – fell to the ground and the moonlit barks absorbed the carbon, darkening with time. With it the balance in evolution was given a further ignorant tip of the scales.

“The effect of this environmental change caused the melanic [darker] forms of the Biston Betularia…an advantage camouflage on the clear one. The white Biston Betularia survived, but the darker one rapidly became numerically dominant.”

Everything makes sense in the Reverse explores Laura’s observations and responses within an insightful series of 126 photographs and video montage showing her own evolution from one status to the next in direct semblance with her surroundings. Luisa Catucci, curator and owner of Cell63, is proud to represent Laura’s work: “[her work represents] the different nature of transformation as an art(ifcial) way to survive and as a result of human greed,” she explains. Laura Gianetti may respect the stasis of mankind and the rest of nature, yet her work promises to open up your eyes to a deeper level of transformation. Prepare to see the world when Everything makes sense in the Reverse.

LauraGianetti_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre03 LauraGianetti_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre04 LauraGianetti_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre05 LauraGianetti_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre06 LauraGianetti_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre08 LauraGianetti_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre09 LauraGianetti_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre10 LauraGianetti_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre11 LauraGianetti_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre12 LauraGianetti_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre13 LauraGianetti_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre14


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