Copycat Violence ‘Interiors’ @ Gristle Art Gallery

On November 14, 2015, Gristle Art Gallery and Trekell Art Supplies proudly present ‘Interiors,’ a Copycat Violence Art Collective group exhibition. Featuring a new collection of work from Copycat Violence’s international artists, each piece was created using an 8×10” cradled Trekell George H. Simkims birch panel in a diverse range of artistic styles and mediums. Delving into the nadir of mind, body and soul, where darkness and light merge with fluid relation, ‘Interiors’, explores the tortuous chambers of desire, fear, dreamscapes and nightmares. Breaching the walls of our haunting inner demons, unresolved feelings, nuanced emotions, and unspoken words, each artist renders their own unique interpretations and surreal visions. ‘Interiors’ Opening Reception: November 14, 2015 | Exhibition Dates: November 14- January 31, 2016 Gristle Art Gallery 26 Bushwick Ave. | Brooklyn NY 11211 For additional information, please contact the collective and/or gallery directly at … Continue reading Copycat Violence ‘Interiors’ @ Gristle Art Gallery