‘Amore Vincit Omnia’ @ Alexi Era Gallery

Love conquers all things, even mortality. In the words of Thomas Campbell, “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” So, by celebrating Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead), we celebrate the lives of our dear departed. And, Alexi Era Gallery honors this holiday by presenting a group exhibition, featuring the works of nineteen new contemporary artists of various mediums. The exhibition runs through November 15th. For more information and preview images, please visit the gallery’s website.

Amore Vincit Omnia

Amore Vincit Omnia @ Alexi Era Gallery

Exhibition Dates:
October 3 – November 15, 2015

Alexi Era Gallery

47 W Main St.
Mascoutah, IL 62258

Featured Artists:
Aunia KahnCaitlin McCormack (Mr. Caitlin), Emi Slade, Inge Vandormael, Ingrid Tusell, Jasmine Becket-Griffith,
Keberneteka, Kurtis Rykovich, Lauren Saxton, Marie Larkin, Megan Buccere, Melissa Morgan, Michael Cuffe, Peca, Rebecca Rose, Scott Holloway, Tammy Mae Moon, Valency Genis, Stefanie Vega

'Muerta' by Kurtis Rykovich @ Alexi Era Gallery - beautiful.bizarre(Above) ‘Muerta’ by Kurtis Rykovich

Into Oblivion by Megan Bucerre @ Alexi Era Gallery - beautiful.bizarre(Above) ‘Into Oblivion’ by Megan Buccere

Hopi Dream “The Message” by Peca @ Alexi Era Gallery - beautiful.bizarre(Above) ‘Hopi Dream – The Messenger’ by Peca

The Girl From Eldorado by Tammy Mae Moon @ Alexi Era Gallery - beautiful.bizarre(Above) ‘The Girl From Eldorado’ by Tammy Mae Moon

I’m Waiting for the Twilight by Ingrid Tusell @ Alexi Era Gallery - beautiful.bizarre(Above) ‘I’m Waiting for the Twilight’ by Ingrid Tusell

Bella Muerte by Scott Holloway @ Alexi Era Gallery - beautiful.bizarre(Above) ‘Bella Muerte’ by Scott Holloway

Heart's Growth by Lauren Saxton / Fair Rosamund @ Alexi Era Gallery - beautiful.bizarre(Above) ‘Heart’s Growth’ by Lauren Saxton (Fair Rosamund)

Gilded Bygone by Melissa Morgan @ Alexi Era Gallery - beautiful.bizzare(Above) ‘Gilded Bygone’ by Melissa Morgan

Milagros Corazon by Jasmine Becket-Griffith @ Alexi Era Gallery - beautiful.bizarre(Above) ‘Milagros Corazon’ by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Alabanza for Sacred Twins by M de Vena and Aunia Kahn @ Alexi Era Gallery(Above) ‘Alabanza for Sacred Twins’ by M de Vena and Aunia Kahn

Remembering by Rebecca Rose @ Alexi Era Gallery - beautiful.bizarre(Above) ‘Remembering’ by Rebecca Rose


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