Klaus Domass’ ‘Shadesneukölln’ @ Cell63

On Friday, October 23, 2015, Cell63 Art Platform is being overrun with nudity. Berlin-based action artist Klaus Domass has been tracking the demise of the traditional Berlin Corner Pub with curiosity and sadness. Rather than let this crumbling and homely tradition pass before his eyes, however, he has instead taken the opportunity to capture the essence of the unique life and character of this mini-culture with entertaining results.


Exhibition Dates:

October 23 – November 14, 2015

Opening Reception:

Cell63 Art Platform


Nude acts and facts from a Neuköllner corner pub [from the Press Release]:

“The regular corner bar life mounds into a Eucharist Meal of a special kind…[marking] a symbol for farewell and a new start, without any religious implication. The nudity of the performers stands for the purism of the artist [and] all social differences are dissolved by creating a unique aesthetic.”


In an act that creates a respectful nod to the documentation of the Berlin Corner Pub, Domass had to make strong attempts to convince many of the regulars themselves to take part in his series. Some agreed, and with a mixture of excitement and bravery, all of his models – friends, colleagues and strangers – stepped in front of the camera completely naked and as equals. Directing the aesthetic of the project, Klaus Domass worked with three photographers – Bernd van MeerDaniel Graefen and Marie Kruse. Together they created an unforgettable experience both for themselves and for audiences at Cell63 Gallery.

Dreamers and drinkers. Worriers and workers. Ramblers and readers. All are joined together in this common social meeting ground. Klaus Domass and his models have created a moment in time where alcohol, social bonding and photography epitomise the core aspects that many link to the traditional corner pub (even nudity can happen on occasion, right?).

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