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Since the beginning of civilization we have always had a fascination with masks, and as my own personal collection may suggest, this interest is still as strong today. Their uses span all cultures and histories, allowing the wearer to transform into something different or even greater than themselves in one swift motion. GalleryX in Dublin, Ireland has gathered a cultural semblance of multi-talented artists from around the world to explore the themes behind masks and the concept of being masked. Under GalleryX’s usual affinity to promote the darkly alternative realities that exist, this exhibition is a perfect treat in the run up to the Halloween/Samhain season…

Prepare yourselves for the Masquerade of the year.


Opening Reception:
October 22, 2015 | 6-9pPM

Exhibition Dates:
October 23 – November 22, 2015


New Location: 65 South William Street, Dublin, D2, Ireland

Participating Artists:

William Gibb ForsythCyril HelnweinDihazeCandice AngeliniNika DanielskaVaughn BeneteauMothMeisterFederico BebberBartmanEduardo HoffmannIrene GaspariHysteria MachineFi KilleenMartin Blanco

For more information or to register attendance at the opening night, check out their event page.


Cyril Helnwein – Birds of a Feather

In art, we are most familiar with the role of artist (creator) and spectator, yet masks open up the opportunity for a third contributor in the artistic relationship – the wearer. Suddenly art takes on a new physical dimension where the wearer has control over the situation; is the aim to bring allure? Horror? Mystery? While meaning and response can differentiate depending on culture, sometimes the representation behind a mask can hold deeper truths and layers of meaning; for example, some masks in Africa and East Asia deem, at first glance, deeply grotesque and trigger automatic connections to demons or evil spirits, when they can actually represent the very opposite. The morphological elements that a mask provides can lead to infinite explorations and insights. It is in this way that the essence of a mask does not only hide the physical face, but can provide much deeper meanings reflecting each artist’s emotions, experiences and interpretations of life around them.


Martin Blanco – Working Life

“This collection of mixed media works by artists from all over the world explores the universal theme of masks and masking; its psychology and expression. Sometimes linked with the sinister and threatening, masks can also manifest as an expression of something more internal and emotional. I’ve tried to select works that are diverse in both their insight into the theme and also in their materiality and tone. Hailing from different countries and differing artistic backgrounds, it is interesting to experience the dark richness of this body of work, once assembled, and their deceptively chaotic expression.” – Fiona Killeen, Curator

In this Masquerade, GalleryX is bringing together a delicious range of delights to drink as modern day elixirs for the soul. Feel your fingers twitch as you long to touch Candice Angélini‘s amalgamations of art-nouveau and shamanic art, William Gibb Forsyth‘s sculptural piece ‘ShieldMaiden’ (influenced by the popular TV show Vikings) and Fiona Killeen‘s ‘It’s A Trap’, exploring the ugliness of creating a false persona. Bask in the ambiguous allure of photography by Cyril Helnwein and Irene Gaspari, and MothMeister‘s collaboration with fellow exhibitor Candice Angélini, before falling into parallel worlds of dark, sensual beauty created by photographer and digital manipulator Dihaze, complemented by digital painter Federico Bebber. Elsewhere you can enjoy the paintings by the experimental Vaughn Bénéteau and Martin Blanco‘s mixed media art, laying bare the underbelly of a life of unrelentless, life-absorbing work. From the heart of Dublin itself, tattoo-artist Bartman (from Reinkarnated Tattoo) shares his own interpretations of fear and danger, giving the spectator reason to wonder about the identity behind the mask.

In another turn of events, GalleryX has invited a host of talented creators who elevate the physical concept of the Masquerade, producing their own wearable pieces to shine in the halls of this exceptional gallery. Making fantasy a reality, Hysteria Machine‘s affordable handmade couture is ready to help bring out the deity or animal within. Eduardo Hoffmann‘s helmet magnificently captures the manifestation of shielding oneself, while alternative fashion designer Nika Danielska constructs primal couture focused mainly on skeletal designs.

Enter GalleryX and join in with the Masquerade; the perfect event for those who want to see past the concealed and play in the fires of truth and hypnagogic dreams.


Irene Gaspari – In Between 1


Dihaze – Silencio


Bartman – Fear #2


Eduardo Hoffmann – Mors Kranium


Federico Bebber – Mistakes


Fiona Killeen – It’s A Trap


Hysteria Machine – Horned Headdress or Mask


Hysteria Machine – Blind Beauty Mask


MothMeister – Treemask (Photograph of Candice Angélini’s ‘Green Man Mask’)


Candice Angélini – SelvansNikaDanielska_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre01

Nika Danielska – Mask One


Nika Danielska – Skeletal Helmet


Vaughn Bénéteau – Behind the Mask #9


William Gibb Forsyth – Shieldmaiden

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