Yay! LA Magazine HORROR MOVIE A DAY 2K15

109 artists. 199 pieces of art.

With October upon us, the rituals of All Hallows’ Eve begin to take shape, and Yay! LA Magazine is celebrating the spectacular season with a month long ‘Horror Movie A Day’ collection brimming with thrills and chills sure to get your blood pumping. In a variety of mediums, 109 artists contribute their creative interpretations ranging from Killer Klowns From Outer Space and the candlelit séances of American Horror Story: Coven, to Lost Highway and the infiltration of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. And to top things off, beautiful.bizarre exclusively received J.A.W. Cooper’s ‘Under the Skin’!


J.A.W. Cooper- Under the Skin

For the full schedule of artists and their accompanying horror movie artwork, be sure to check out the series at Yay! LA Magazine and follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram -hashtag #YayHMAD.

For press previews and interviews, contact Yay! LA Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Barron at [email protected]


“Horror fiction has been an essential part of my pop culture diet since my teenage years. It’s recurring themes, it’s iconography, and its potential for catharsis have all resonated with me at a bone deep level. Historically, there is so much rich art direction and design work associated with bringing these stories to life, and due to the effusive response to this project I can only assume that these feelings are shared by many within the New Contemporary movement.”- Daniel Barron


Press Release:

For the past two years, the online and arts culture publication Yay! LA Magazine has celebrated the Halloween season with Long Beach artist Michael Ramstead as he has rolled out a new horror film-themed sketch every day during the month of October. This past summer, Michael began work on his ambitious debut graphic novel The Bones in the Black Tree, and so in the interest of preserving tradition Yay! LA decided to reach out to as many artists as possible to continue the work that he started.

The assignment was simple: Given an extensive list of horror film, TV, and fiction properties to choose from, artists were to put down their names for the title of their choice. Once selected, each title was eliminated from the list and no other person could choose to interpret it. Sign-ups were announced mid-July and registration was closed on Friday, August 14th. The response was overwhelming, with a total of 109 artists from around the world contributing 199 pieces of art across a diverse number of mediums and disciplines. Collectively, this ambitious series will highlight great works of horror recent and classic, as well as many more obscure stories waiting to be unearthed.

The roster of participating artists in Yay! Horror Movie A Day includes such established names as John Wentz, J.A.W. Cooper, Edith Lebeau, Jensine Eckwall, Sarah Joncas, Julian Callos, Ken Garduno, Rich Pellegrino, John Wiltshire, Lara Dann, Steven Russell Black, and Catherine Bursill Moore.

Art pieces will begin rolling out on Yay! LA’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds starting on Sunday, October 4th. For the rest of the month, the art will be compiled into themed posts that will run on the main website every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from October 5th until the final set drops on October 30th. Each work will be accompanied by commentaries from the artists, themselves. We hope you will share and enjoy all that we have to reveal for our epic Month of Macabre!

Participating Artists:

Amber Adcock, Baraciel Almada, Ezra Andrade, Jesus Andrade, Elisa Ang, Weshoyot Alvitre, Chris  Amesquita, Avedon Arcade, Arminda Arroyo, Carlos Barajas, Emerald Barkley, Ryan Bartlett, Steven Russell Black, Gillian Blekkenhorst, Megan Buccere, Soren Byrial, Padraic O Cadhain, Tea Cake, Julian  Callos, Brian Canio, Tina Chavez, J.A.W. Cooper, Brett Crawford (Start Vault), Cora Crimson, Tim Cunningham, Lara Dann, Donia, Jensine Eckwall, Matthew Esparza, Mike Esparza, Jeff Faerber, Joey Feldman, Stefano Flonta, Metal Hand (Francisco Flores), Kamille Freske, Noria Fujikawa, Ashley Gallagher (Smashley Art), Erin Gallagher, Kevin Gardner, Ken Garduno, Ryan Genovese, GMONIK, Evgeniya Golik, Lila Roux (Lila Gonzalez), Kenny Gordon, Nicole Goux, Sina Grace, Bella Harris, Trevor Henderson, Kris Holmes, Samantha Holt, Eric Hosford, Maggie Ivy, Sarah Joncas, Kate Kennedy, Bryce  Kho, Oscar Knutsson, Jennifer Korsen (Humans Make Art), Aimee Kuester, Brad Lacke, Nick Lacke, Eric Lacombe, Heather Langford, Anja Laursen, Devon Lawrence, Edith Lebeau, Katherine Leon, Gretchen  Lewis, Tracy Lewis, Zack Lieberman, Jack Lind, Lokhaan, Briana Garcia (MadHatta), Ignis Marilyn, Leticia Maldonado, Vanessa Menendez, Jake Merten (Look At Art), Catherine Bursill Moore, Christina Mott, Joseph Murdach, Christine Nockels, Alejandra Orozco, Faye Osman, Luis Padhilla, Michael Parsons, Jett PeeMonster, Rich Pellegrino, Kat Philbin, Satine Phoenix, Eric Pineda, Kimber Quartararo, Darcy Ripley, Amber Michelle Russell, Riley Schmitz, Cihan Sesen, Carolina Seth, Kevin Spencer, Joy Shannon, Jenn  Shieh, Kevyn Schmidt, Andrew Sciazko, Emi Slade, Stephen Bode (Spex), Michael Stiles, Mary Syring, Tara Themm, Johnie Thorton, Cammi Upton, Mary Verhoeven, Joe Vetoe, Susana Vilchez, John Wentz, John Williams, John Wiltshire, Jenn Woodall, Lai Xu, Catherine Yi


Vanessa Menendez- Shutter Island

cora-crimson_penny-dreadful_beautifulbizarre_005Cora Crimson- Penny Dreadful

bella_harris_beautifulbizarre_006Bella Harris- American Horror Story: Coven

edith_lebeau_buffy-the-vampire-slayer_beautifulbizarre_003Edith Lebeau- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Cihan Sesen- Hard Candy

Alejandra Orozco-Carnival of Souls

chris-amesquita-zombi_beutifulbizarre_009Chris  Amesquita- Zombi

john-wiltshire-goodnight-mommy_beautifulbizarre_010John Wiltshire- Goodnight Mommy

eric-pineda-creature-from-the-black-lagoon_beautifulbiuzarre_011Eric Pineda- Creature from the Black Lagoon

jesus-andrade- the-mummy_beautifulbizarre_012Jesus Andrade- The Mummy

john-williams-the-brood_beautifulbizarre_012John Williams- The Brood

cammi-upton-shadow-of-the-vampireCammi Upton- Shadow of the Vampire

lila-gonzalez-shaun-of-the-deadLila Roux (Lila Gonzalez)- Shaun of the Dead

About Author

Internationally exhibited artist and creator of Wooden Ophelia, Bella Harris is not only the Online Editor at Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, she also oversees all staff writers and helps support website functionality and development. As a contributing writer for the website, active copy editor, and editorial photographer, she plays a vital role in the growth of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine while working closely with advertisers and artists. Wooden Ophelia is a contemporary collection of original moon designs, handmade woodwork, artwork furnishings, and sacred crystals... all to enchant your home.


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