With an ever growing art world and many great (online) publications to discover new art it’s not that common anymore to come across an artist that creates work you’ve never seen before. Well, you’re up for a treat today, as we’d like to introduce you to the wonderful apocalyptic dioramas built and photographed by Lori Nix.

Lori was born and raised in Kansas, a place where natural disaster and strange weather phenomenon are quite common. Her surroundings and love for Dystopian films like Planet of the Apes whilst growing up shaped her vision and is still present in her work today. With a degree in both ceramics and photography (her dad actually wished she’d pick up accounting…) Lori likes to work with her hands. Not being much of a traveler Lori had to come up with a way of mimicking the images of travel photographers she looked up to, and started creating dioramas in her kitchen. To quote Lori: “I am most comfortable to stay home and create my worlds rather than go in search of them.”

As you can imagine it takes quite a lot of time to create such rich, detailed dioramas. When planning a series (a series can take up to 20 images!) attention to detail is very important due to the amount of work spent on the pieces. After deciding on a theme Lori starts creating the diorama with help from her partner and creative assistant Kathleen. The scenes require lots of different miniature props, taking months to finish.

The end result is mind-blowing, and something you’ve surely haven’t seen before. Colorful, rich scenes of buildings and places being reclaimed by nature after the apocalypse erased humanity from the scene. Lori want to express care for the environment with her work: to make people look at the photos and consider their place in the world. A goal achieved: as extraordinary as these works are they will leave a firm impression in your mind.

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_01“Library”, 2007

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_02“Mall”, 2010

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_03“Laundromat at night”, 2008

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_04“Botanic Garden”, 2008

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_05“Church”, 2009

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_06“Violin Repair Shop”, 2011

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_07“Map Room”, 2010

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_08“Museum of Art”, 2005

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_09“Subway”, 2012

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_10“Space Center”, 2013

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_11“Shoe store”, 2013

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_12“Aquarium”, 2007

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_13“Anatomy classroom”, 2012

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_14“Vacuum showroom”, 2006

beautiful-bizarre_lori-nix_15“Beauty shop (with hand)”, 2010

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