‘Unfurl’ @ Gallery 1261

‘Unfurl’ – to wind outwards, stretching as far as you can reach. The word suggests a sensuous act moving one towards freedom – a space without boundaries, a place of unlimited movement. It is these ideas that Gallery 1261 and guest curator Mia Bergeron have inspired to blossom in their upcoming exhibition Unfurl, selecting an array of 24 artists to create their own works free of any boundaries at all.



Opening Reception:
Friday, August 21, 2015 | 6 – 9 PM

Exhibitions Dates:
August 21 – September 26, 2015

Gallery 1261

1261 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80204

Participating Artists:

Jennifer Balkan, Casey Childs, Rachel Constantine, Stephen Early, Nathan Ford, Felicia Forte, Rose Frantzen, Ron Hicks + Michael Gadlin, Quang Ho, Susan Lyon, Jeremy Mann, Ann Marshall, Teresa Oaxaca, Katherine Stone + David Gluck, Daniel Sprick, Joseph Todorovitch, Henrik Uldalen, Aaron Westerberg, Zhaoming Wu, Anna Wypych, Vincent Xeus and Zack Zdrale


After years of learning, experimenting and developing artists can find themselves recognized for a specific style or theme; This level of acknowledgement may come as a deep compliment, a nod towards their recognized success as an artist, and bring in numerous commissions from loyal patrons. On the other side of the coin, brutal expectations and deadlines can harness this success into a metaphysical box, bringing with it the potential to subtly confine an artist’s ability to push their own boundaries without seeming a stranger to their admirers.


Through Wings and Space – Susan Lyon

Within the beautifully loose boundaries of Unfurl, many of the artists exhibited are working with different mediums, scale, themes and subject matters than those they have become accustomed to creating. The effect is inspiring. This latest exhibition at Gallery 1261 brings a time of experimental change which aims to allow audiences to see behind the artists’ private curtains, bringing to light new realms of innovation – and sometimes vulnerable personal aspects – of concepts often left deep and private.

Created by guest curator and artist Mia Bergeron, the concepts within Unfurl compliment Gallery 1261’s personal mission statement which aims to give a space “where artists can show the work that is truly important, done without constraints of marketing strategies and sales quotas”. If you would like to find out more information about this exhibition, you can visit their website.


Blue – Anna Wypych


Adoration of the Hi-Fi – Casey Childs


Flux – Henrik Uldalen


Hope – Jennifer Balkan


Lure – Jeremy Mann


Carousel – Teresa Oaxaca


The Ritual – Katherine Stone + David Gluck


Undertow – Stephen Early


Intimations Unframed – Rose Frantzen

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