Cauda Pavonis/Bestia Fera Spiritus @ GalleryX

Their aim has been to bring you the best in art, purposely created to ensure audiences open their minds to a world beyond stereotypes and traditionally ‘normal’ concepts. Never swaying from this ethos, GalleryX is preparing for a joint exhibition – the likes of which has never been seen in Dublin before.

Cauda Pavonis / Bestia Fera Spiritus perceptively conjoins two exceptionally multi-talented artists, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule and Doloroa de la Cruz, who have built their careers focusing on the mystery, the arcane, and the spiritual aspects of the human psyche. Combining painted art with music (violin, voice and FX pedals), theatrical performance and ritual use of his new Alchymic Chess set, Orryelle will be ensuring a fully rounded sensual experience in Dublin, Ireland on Friday 21st August. Such an opening passage to commence the exhibition promises to make this a night to remember.

Cauda Pavonis/Bestia Fera Spiritus

Opening Reception:
Friday, August 21, 2015 | 6 – 9 PM

Exhibition Dates:
August 21 – September 4, 2015


Private preview and performance by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule:
Friday, August 21, 2015 | Please RSVP at the Facebook event page.


3 Herbert Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

If you would like to attend the opening night, be sure to visit GalleryX’s event page. For more information on Cauda Pavonis/Bestia Fera Spiritus you can all +353 (0) 1 549 1630

Cauda Pavonis – Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule:

After GalleryX’s highly successful exhibition Making Out featured a sneak preview of one of Orryelle’s pieces, the gallery was eager to be the ones to lure him to Ireland…and successful they were. Proudly hosting his first ever appearance in Ireland, Cauda Pavonis ‘explores the Colours phase of Alchemy, the “Cauda Pavonis” or Peacock’s Tail’.

OrryelleDefenestrateBascule_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre003Melek Taus and the Path of Venus

Born in Australia, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule has become renown for his unique talents across an array or artistic mediums including writing, painting, sculpture, musical sound and the performing arts, where is also Writer and Director of the Australian-based Metamorphic Ritual Theatre company. Engaging in the world of the esoteric, the subconscious and the realms of magic, Cauda Pavonis invites you to explore with an open heart and mind.

Prepare to be enveloped in a fountain of colours designed in a host of medias from gouache and semi-digital pieces to oil paintings amalgamating with gold, silver and copper leaf. This multi-talented artist has also created sumptuous limited edition sculptures – audiences can look forward to seeing in the flesh his truly beautiful alchemical chess-set created from bronze, clay and glass – and for the first time anywhere in the world, his giant bronze sculpture of the ancient Egyptian solar goddess Sekhmet.

OrryelleDefenestrateBascule_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre06Sekhmet bronze sculpture

OrryelleDefenestrateBascule_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre05Sekhmet bronze sculpture – back

Further revelry is in tow as GalleryX and Orryelle also celebrate his recently released ‘Distillatio’, the final book in Orryelle’s ‘Tela Quadrivium’ series of alchemical art books, which has already sold out on all past publications! For more information on this selection of extraordinary books, visit Fulgur Esoterica.

OrryelleDefenestrate_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre00Melek Taus and the Path of Venus – detail

OrryelleDefenestrate_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre01Argos, Io and Hermes – detail

OrryelleDefenestrate_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre07 Argos, Io and Hermes

OrryelleDefenestrateBascule_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre04Red & Black Chess Side

OrryelleDefenestrateBascule_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre07White & Black Chess Side

Bestia Fera Spiritus – Dolorosa de la Cruz:

Dolorosa De La Cruz is a highly talented fine artist based in GalleryX’s own home of Dublin in Ireland. Also living in a world full of the esoteric, she transforms her thoughts and imagination into sculptures and intricate drawings. GalleryX describes her work as a portal to ‘invite biomorphic forms of human and animal anatomies’ into the centre stage and many of her works have found themselves within a number of private collections around the world. She has also featured in many esoterically themed publications including Atua & Abraxas (Fulgur) The Ebon Kteis, Pillars (Anathema Publishing), Silk Milk spool 4 and the Awakening-Atavistic Path (Qliphoth, Esoteric Publication).

Dolorosa has exhibited in the UK, Ireland, Poland and the USA, her work speaking to those who connect to her visual experiments that delve deeper into the language of symbols, sorcery and spirits. Her art series Bestia Fera Spiritus takes a particular focus on the Red and Black forces to be found around us; The effect is bold, exploring dark curiosities unseen with the traditional human eye through semi-surrealist and often highly evoking creations.


DolorosaDeLaCruz_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre03 La Negra

DolorosaDeLaCruz_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre04La Reina

DolorosaDeLaCruz_GalleryX_BeautifulBizzare001Bestia Fera Negra

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