‘ELECTROPOP’ @ Helikon Gallery

Long time friends & up-and-comers in the pop art scene Kaitlin Ziesmer and Robin1000 teamed up for a two person show at Denver’s Helikon Gallery. Well-dressed animals, sci-fi landscapes, and pregnant Power Rangers were all part of the fun as the two artists bathed the mile high city for their ‘ELECTROPOP’ vision.  Below are pictures from the Saturday July 18th opening reception, including some great shots of the artists and their youngster models.


 Exhibition Dates:
July 18, 2015- August 21, 2015

Press Release:
‘Electropop’ opens at Helikon Gallery this July, featuring new works by local artist Kaitlin Ziesmer and Texas-based Robin 1000. Ziesmer, known for her ubiquitous pop-culture mashups, pairs up with Robin’s dreamlike, prismatic landscapes and designs. ‘Electropop’ is a lighthearted voyage through the nostalgic and the unexpected, with everything from pregnant Power Rangers to painted jean jackets. The work explodes with color at every turn and strikes a balance between entertainment and sophistication.

Helikon Gallery

3675 Wynkoop St. | Denver, CO

HelikonGallery_beautifulbizarre_001 HelikonGallery_beautifulbizarre_002

HelikonGallery_beautifulbizarre_ 003

HelikonGallery_beautifulbizarre_004 HelikonGallery_beautifulbizarre_005

Helikon Gallery

Opening Night:

HelikonGallery_beautifulbizarre_ HelikonGallery_beautifulbizarre_6 HelikonGallery_beautifulbizarre_ HelikonGallery_beautifulbizarre_HelikonGallery_beautifulbizarre_ HelikonGallery_beautifulbizarre_ ElectroPop2

ElectroPop4 KaitlinZiesmer_BeautifulBizarre_004 KaitlinZiesmer_BeautifulBizarre_005 KaitlinZiesmer_BeautifulBizarre002 KaitlinZiesmer003


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