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The modern age has greatly adapted the styles and techniques involved in photography. Digital technology has allowed photo manipulation to become even easier, and the ability to infinitely print copies has expanded possibilities yet in doing so, lessened the exclusivity of a single shot. But what happens when the focus shifts? Chasing Shadows – an art collective with the intent to explore the contemporary use of historical photographic processes – is currently exhibiting in Dublin’s ever-galvanising GalleryX. Haven’t seen the exhibition yet? No worries – Chasing Shadows and GalleryX are hosting a special Exhibition Reception this Thursday 16th July. To find out more about this event and register your attendance, click here.

Chasing Shadows

Exhibition Dates:
June 25 – August 6, 2015

Special Exhibition Reception:

Thursday July 16, 6PM



3 Herbert Street, Dublin 4, Ireland

Members showing:

Alison Baker-Kerrigan | Dominique Beyens | Caitriona Dunnett | Monika Fabijanczyk | Remco de Fouw | Louis Haugh | Jamie Maxwell | Ian Mitton | Sharon Murphy | Marie Murray | Linda Plunkett | Adrian Reilly | Karl Sheridan | Kyle Tunney | Dominic Turner | Gwen Wilkinson

Based in Ireland, Chasing Shadows was founded in 2010. Its aim has been to further enhance modern day exploration between digital and analogue photography; Using exhibitions and workshops, the historical methodology from planning, techniques and equipment has been re-birthed for a new generation of photographers hungry to merge contemporary outlooks with tradition.


Their current exhibition at GalleryX is hosted as part of Ireland’s larger PhotoIreland Open Programme 2015, the country’s first international festival of Photography and Image Culture that is celebrated every July. PhotoIreland has brought together national and international artists, galleries and cultural institutions in more than 40 locations around Dublin in the last three years alone. In an even more exclusive event for this year, the group is also proudly featuring guest exhibitors from the London Alternative Photography Collective.

Chasing Shadows at GalleryX gives you the chance to explore for yourself the true flexibility of creating photographs traditionally through a host of subjects close to each photographer’s heart, manifesting interests, fixations and reactions to modern life. The raw and authentic, Chasing Shadows promises to give you a refreshing insight into Ireland’s photographic talent in this not to be missed event.

If you would like to find out more about PhotoIreland and the other events being held, click here. Chasing Shadows at GalleryX will be open Thursday to Saturday from 11AM to 5PM.

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