Ladies (but also gentlemen), if you enjoy both art and tattoo, don’t miss the Ladies Ladies ! Art Show 2015 at Forget Me Not Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY.

The show, running since June 11th, is showcasing the art of some of the most talented female tattoo artists in the world to support female tattooing in the industry.

These women, veterans or upcoming talents, have answered the call of tattooers Emma Griffith, Pat Sinatra and Elvia Iannaccoce Gezelev to produce paintings, illustrations and photographies. You will admire the work of Titine Leu, Claudia De Sabe, Sabine Gaffron, Jamie Ruth, Vyvyn Lazonga and also Maria Roca, Nicoz Balboa, Bobby C. Alkabes, along with many more. Their artwork is visible every Friday to Sunday until the end of July.

The show is associated with a fundraiser for a book project relating the true life story of tattooed woman Artoria and her husband Red Gibbons, written by their daughter Charlene Gibbons. The art show is also a tribute to those tattooed women and artists who opened the way to the new generations.

Don’t miss the closing reception on August 1st | 6-10PM!

Ladies Ladies ! Art Show 2015

Ladies_Ladies_ArtShow_beautifulbizarre (3)

Forget Me Not Tattoo

231 Norman Ave |#311, 3rd Floor

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.

Follow on Facebook and Instagram. You can also check the photography art of Miss Elvia by visiting her website.


Sabine Gaffron


Miss Elvia


Maria Roca


Claudia De Sabe


Bobby C. Alkabes


Jill Bonny


Jen Carmean


Emma Griffith


Eva Huber

Ladies_Ladies_ArtShow_beautifulbizarre (6)

Ladies_Ladies_ArtShow_beautifulbizarre (5)

Ladies_Ladies_ArtShow_beautifulbizarre (4)

Ladies_Ladies_ArtShow_beautifulbizarre (1)


Ladies_Ladies_ArtShow_beautifulbizarre (2)

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