Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s “Immortal Ephemera” @ Krab Jab Studio

“Ethereal, haunting vocals wafted through the room, looping back on itself as Vox Vespertinus set the mood for the evening. As the lazy evening sun set, visitors were entranced by the misty pinks, blues and purples of watercolor and spritely shocks of gold leaf that Stephanie uses as her primary mediums. Insects, fairies, flowers and clouds made of spirals pepper her work; some are blown up over 200 times their normal size, other subjects so tiny as barely perceptible to the naked eye. Stephanie spoke to the rapt crowd about her work, explaining her obsession with observing the unnoticeable, the seemingly uninteresting world of bugs, of natural patterns and rhythms. The more she peered into their world, the farther she fell into the spell of their mysteries, taking the rest of us along for the ride.”- Julie Baroh, curator.

On 13th June, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s dreamily succulent watercolour paintings were opened up to the public in Seattle’s stunning Krab Jab Studio. Embracing Stephanie’s work with open arms, Krab Jab Studio share in this exhibition the latest interpretations of the fantastically unknown, the utterly ethereal, and the invite you to see deep into the realms of nature beyond the human eye.

Immortal Ephemera

Krab Jab Studio

Exhibition Dates:
13 June – 3 July 2015

5628 Airport Way S, Ste 150 | Seattle, WA  98108


Dragonfly – Insecta series

With delicacy in both her brush strokes and use of soft colour, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s paintings eloquently reflect the gentle aspects of nature which tip-toe playfully on the border of fantasy and reality. As you take them in, it’s hard not to become drawn in to her creations; Fireflies hover through hypnagogic forests and swirling flora intertwine with arcane creatures from deep within the land of dreams. Beautifully, just as within the depths of nature, Stephanie’s work brings together elements of contrast. Raw wilderness frame the gentle and dark creeps within the corners where sunlight cannot quite catch. Together there is equilibrium, and it is this feeling of balance which helps to release a sense of calm and connection to these often hauntingly celestial artworks. As the title Immortal Ephemera suggests, life within these images prolongs far beyond the short spans of its insect subjects:

“From the healing honey-elixir of bees,” Stephanie explains, “to the dual nature of abundance and destruction encapsulated by the humble body of a locust; from the eternal Soul embodied by a moth, to the glory of rebirth in a scarab: insects bear our mythology and lore. Living ephemera, they are imbued with divinity so that their fleeting existence encompasses something far beyond what their physical size and mortal span might suggest. Immortal Ephemera examines the fugitive and diminutive, and follows where their imprints leads.”


Many of us may have lost our connection to nature, yet Stephanie’s paintings remind us that it is never too late to re-connect with the many faces of the cosmos. Whether you can enjoy her work for its deeper connections to ideas of divinity or simply feel comfort in the beauty of her abstract interpretations capturing essences of the living world, it cannot be denied that Immortal Ephemera can spark an exploration into the unknown.

Enjoying an impressive start, visitors have been flocking to enjoy Stephanie’s latest collection of ever-explorational pieces at Krab Jab Studio since its opening on the 13th June. Some artwork is best enjoyed in the flesh and with hypnotizing wisps of golf and silver leaf and many of the pieces for sale, don’t miss out on your chance to absorb the wonder of Immortal Ephemera before it closes on the 3rd July. For more information about the event and to see some of the pieces for sale, you can visit Krab Jab Studio’s website or contact them at [email protected].

KrabJab_BeautifulBizarre13 KrabJab_BeautifulBizarre14KrabJab_BeautifulBizarre01

Amidst the Brambles


Among the Catkins


Her Sorrows and Her Joys


Firefly – Insecta series


HoneyBee – Insecta series


Ladybird – Insecta series


Daphnis – Thriae series


Kleodora – Thriae series


When Flowers Dream II


The Art of Observation

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