‘Ghost Stories’ @ Penumbra Art Boutique & Studio

Don’t look under the bed…

At some point, we’ve all heard those creepy campfire stories, spooky tales of dangerous Ouija boards, or the one about the boogie man that keeps us in suspense of the supernatural. But these bone-chilling mysteries, superstitions, and urban legends are an inevitable part of our culture.

Jamie Lee Curtis on prom night? Forget it. Bloody Mary? No, thank you. Nightlights? Always.

Get ready for a thrill, because on June 20, 2015, Penumbra Art Boutique & Studio celebrates its grand opening and very first exhibition, ‘Ghost Stories’! Delving into the darkest recesses of the imagination, this new collection of artwork represents the creative craft of artists from around the world.

Featuring several members of the Copycat Violence Art Collective, this dedicated group come together to occupy a place of intrigue, wonder, and chaos within each viewer. Recounting personal experiences, urban legends, literature, and the depiction of paranormal events from film and television, the distinctive styles and interpretations are sure to conjure a ceremonial magic you don’t want to miss.

‘Ghost Stories’Penumbra Art Boutique & Studio


For purchasing information and availability, contact the gallery directly at penumbra.art.boutique@gmail.com

Opening Reception:
June 20, 2015 | 3-8PM

Exhibition Dates:
June 20 – July 20, 2015

Penumbra Art Boutique & Studio
Rua Maria Eduarda Segura de Faria | Galerias Nortejo | Alverca Portugal

About the Gallery:
Founded by artist Helena Reis, and her husband, in March 2015, Penumbra Art Boutique & Studio exhibits new and established artists, with a focus on pop surrealism and contemporary styles in every medium.

Featured Artists:
Jett PeeMonster, Faye Osman, Chris Bodily, Ellen Gudem Wilberg, Helena Reis, Bella Harris, Laurie McClave, Alex Garant, Julia Gabrielov, Megan Buccere, Kamille Freske, Kristen Ferrell, Brynn Elizabeth, Catherine Moore, Joshua Coffy, Kmye Chan, Amanda Stalter, Tracy Lewis, Ryan Myers


ellen_Gudem_wilberg_beautifulbizarre_005Ellen Gudem Wilberg

bella_harris_beautifulbizarre_002Bella Harris

megan_buccere_beautifulbizarre_003Megan Buccere

ryan_meyers_beautifulbizarre_004Ryan Myers

alex_garant_beautifulbizarre_006Alex Garant

laurie_mcclave_beautifulbizarre_007Laurie McClave

brynn_elizabeth_beautifulbizarre_008Brynn Elizabeth

kamille_freske_beautifulbizarre_009Kamille Freske

joshua_coffy_beautifulbizarre_010Joshua Coffy

helena_reis_beautifulbizarre_011Helena Reis

kristen_ferrell_beautifulbizarre_012Kristen Ferrell

catherine_moore_beautifulbizarre_013Catherine Moore

Tracy_reid_lewis_beautifulbizarre_014Tracy Lewis

julia_gabrielov_beautifulbizarre_015Julia Gabrielov

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