Trifecta @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

How could I resist sharing with you an early “taste” of this brilliant exhibition featuring three amazing female artists, two of which have been featured in beautiful.bizarre, collage artist Handiedan (issue 004) and digital artist Mimi Scholz (issue 008). The third is traditional painter, Sandra Chevrier, whom is confirmed for the coming December 2015 issue!! Together all three artists reveal their new body of work in ‘Trifecta’ at Jonathan LeVine Gallery from 27 June.
When I saw curator Yasha Young of Urban Nation Berlin begin to show sneak peeks of the work, I was smitten.  Yasha shares her vision for ‘Trifecta’ ~ “This exhibition addresses the fact that art created by women has been historically dismissed as craft as opposed to fine art, affecting the development of women in art throughout history. I would like to open doors for women artists and encourage them to step out and up.”
Enjoy a little of what is in store below.


A group exhibition curated by Yasha Young

Featuring work by Handiedan, Mimi Scholz & Sandra Chevrier

Opening Reception:
 Saturday, June 27, 6—8pm

Exhibitions Dates:
June 27 — July 25, 2015


Jonathan LeVine Gallery

529 W 20th St #9E
New York, NY 10011



Dutch artist Handiedan pushes mixed-media collage to a higher level by digitally creating classic female pin-ups using ornamental components such as currencies, sheet music and her own cartoon drawings. Handiedan rebuilds these digital designs into multi-layered hand-cut collages that end up with a distinctive three-dimensional quality. Her pin-ups look like something between an orientally adorned femme fatale from a noir film, a sexually joyful pin-up from a 1950’s calendar and a tattooed rockabilly girl. Each work is a treasure trove of symbols, with a focus on cosmology, Eastern philosophy and sacred geometries.

Mimi Scholz

Mimi Scholz is based in Berlin and creates digital paintings that sarcastically comment on clichés regarding the female psyche and sexuality. Starting with a detailed sketch and then using a tablet to add multiple layers of color, her compositions are printed on canvas and have an airbrushed quality that closely resembles oil painting. Known for her subject matter of “unpredictable women with attitude” and often accompanied by strange creatures, her works are set in a manically imagined world where the lines between good and evil, sane and insane are blurred.

Mimi Scholz_beautifulbizarre_001 Mimi Scholz_beautifulbizarre_002

Sandra Chevrier

Sandra Chevrier merges painting and collage in works that reflect upon the self-imposed limitations within our world and the underlying tragedy of oppressed female identity. In her series Cages, finely hand-painted portraits of women are masked with pages from comic books, symbolizing the struggle of having to uphold unrealistic expectations of beauty and perfection. By imposing these strict limitations, society is placing women in prisons of identity and asking them to become superheroes. In the greater body of her work, the images used within ‘cages’ range from scenes of conflict, triumph and defeat. Often focusing on the latter, the artist highlights the fragility of the superhero, their personal weaknesses and exposes the humanity within the superhuman.
Sandra Chevrier_beautifulbizarre_002 Sandra Chevrier_beautifulbizarre_001



About Author

Danijela Krha Purssey is an entrepreneur, and the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Australian based international contemporary art magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. She is deeply passionate and committed to her vision to help shift the paradigm in the global contemporary arts industry regarding what is defined and accepted as contemporary art.


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