Have you ever felt as if you have wandered into a raw, mystical story tale, experiencing sensations of wonder while feeling an undefined, captivating tingle down your spine? Berlin based art platform Cell63 invites you to join them in their very own wonderland, exploring the depths of dark and light through a variety of artworks exploring three artists’ personal responses to traditional European storytelling.

There is strong shadow where there is much light – Tales from Europe (with love)

Opening Night:

12th June | 7:30 P.M.

Live lecture of Tarot Cards by Fred Erique and live sound by Mathieu Pé

Exhibition Dates:

12th June – 24th July 2015


Cell63 art platform

Allerstr. 38 | 12049 Berlin | U8 Leinestr

Featuring ‘wicked storytellers’ Elena Helfrecht (Germany), Luisa Catucci (Italy) and Marta Sklodowska (Poland)

Prepare for a world outside of your normal life: spectres in the silent night, faceless goddesses and mythical creatures brought to life. In a bout of beauty, melancholy, surrealism, romance and curiosity, There is strong shadow where there is much light aims to swirl your emotions in sea of revolutionized folklore. Elena Helfrecht, Marta Sklodowska and Cell63’s very own curator Luisa Catucci will be bringing experiences from their own respective European countries. Each will be representing three different traditions within three varying medias, beautifully bouncing off one another in a carousel of visual delights, both light and dark, in artistic equilibrium.

Born in Germany, Elena Helfrecht grew up away from the mechanical and contemporary life of the big cities. Influenced heavily by the dark forests and folklore of Bavaria, Helfrecht’s artistic passions soon developed from drawing and into photography. Her self-taught talents have continued to generate photographic imagery questioning the traditional perceptions of beauty, and exploring alternative depictions of human thoughts and emotions. Having only just completed her Bachelor of History of Art and Book Sciences, is will be exciting to see how Elena further evolves in the future.

ElenaHelfrechtTheUndesired_BeautifulBizarre ElenaHelfrechtOrnaments_BeautifulBizarre ElenaHelfrechtMermaid_BeautifulBizarre ElenaHelfrechtEmesis_BeautifulBizarre ElenaHelfrechtButterfliesandBones_BeautifulBizarre

Mixed photographer and stylist Marta Sklodowska uses her skills to produce one woman visual creations, arranging all aspects of each of her photographic sessions. Having worked on numerous commission projects which include supporting Aneta Swoboda and Paul Downes, her familiarity with fashion shoots as well as personal projects and use of both traditional darkroom techniques as well as digital, has allowed her to experiment with varying – yet all equally mesmerizing – styles.

sklodowska_marta_BeautifulBizarre5 sklodowska_marta_BeautifulBizarre4 sklodowska_marta_BeautifulBizarre3 sklodowska_marta_BeautifulBizarre2 sklodowska_marta_BeautifulBizarre1

Curator of Cell63 Luisa Catucci has built her career to include work as a freelance illustrator, graphic designed and photographer in a professional capacity for over 15 years. Alongside building Cell63 since 2009, Luisa has successfully exhibited as a worldwide artist. Born in Italy, she moved to Berlin in Germany in 2005 and never looked back, yet never losing her personal connection with the world of the bizarre; Passionate for fairytales, myths and symbolism, Luisa’s work continues to define a relationship with nature and humanistic narrative, merging traditional aspects of historical art with psychological and pop-cultural references.

If you would like to find out more about the event or book for the opening night, visit Cell63 art platform or email info@cell63.com.

LuisaCatucciLittleRed_BeautifulBizarre LuisaCatucciLagoDeiCigni_BeautifulBizarre LuisaCatucciILoveYou_BeautifulBizarre LuisaCatucciAnneSeurAnne_BeautifulBizarre LuisaCatucci12Swans_BeautifulBizarre


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