Cell63 artplatform are getting ready for an intensive weekend of performance art! Hosting one of the programmes as part of the renowned MPA-B Month Performance Art Berlin (now in its 5th year), Cell63 invite you to become part of the works alongside the performers, to experience the visual and physical arts taking place within the gallery. This event will take you comfortably outside the box, exploring the ‘power of intervention within space and time’. So, are you ready to journey NORTH, NORTH-EAST, SOUTH, SOUTH-WEST AND 360°?


Exhibition Dates:

Saturday 23rd May + Sunday 24th May

Cell63 artplatform

Allerst. 38 | 12049 Berlin | U8 Leinestr


Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, UK – Thailand | Roland Walter & Domi Melhem, Germany | Anniken Weber, UK – Norway | Eru and Seven of Eglise, Germany | Nina Krüger-Schmale, Germany | Biljana Bosnjakovic Serbia – Italy | Barbara Kowa and Jonny Kreuter – Germany | Andreas Pashias Greece – Cyprus

Curated by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith and Luisa Catucci, this colourful mixture of International performance art will be exhibiting an amalgamation of material and conceptual dynamics, leaving many experiences open to interpretation by the viewer. Influential characteristics within the performances will be shifting between Saturday and Sunday’s events, promoting further diversity and allowing audiences to fully absorb both days of the exhibition independently. Fluid and reactive, NORTH, NORTH-EAST, SOUTH, SOUTH-WEST AND 360° promises to be a unique experience for both the audience and artist alike.


Day 1: Kicking off events, Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn’s piece ‘Ouroboros’ will be creating live art using lost and found objects to explore the concept of capitalist commodity and ‘futurist’s archaeology’. Barbara Kowa and Jonny Kreuter will be displaying a daring live performance from their cycle ‘Until Death Do Us Part; Seeds and Eggs’, dealing with the question of the real meaning of ‘death do us part’. Split into several chapters, this promises to keep you on your toes! Anniken Weber’s ‘Remani’ will later be merging rhythm, gestures, text and – interestingly – sticky wallpaper to forge something new using her body, putting herself in a situation of redoing past undoings. Audiences can then appreciate Biljana Bosnjakovic’s ‘Madre Natura’, a performance surrounding one woman’s recollection of the myth of archaic goddesses and their relationship with nature, before leaving Cell63 for an evening of contemplation on what has just been witnessed.

Day 2: Roland Walter and Domi Melhem will be presenting improvisational dance to the stage in their piece ‘ONE’, merging two separate beings with one breath in a true fusion of bodies. Following on, Barbara Kowa and Jonny Kreuter will be back with their part 2 live performance ‘Until Death Do Us Part; Skin’. For those who appreciate a more musical semblance, Eru and Seven of Eglise will be creating a harmonic piece of art and experimental live music including electric guitar and sound effects in their titled ‘A cover-up: ‘the detainment of 8 questions’’. Compellingly, neither artist in this collaboration will be aware of what the other is doing, creating a true potential for chaotic harmony, and where it is only through the eyes and ears of the viewer that their worlds will collide. Nina Krüger-Schmale will be bringing her particular brand of living sculpture to Cell63 in her piece ‘CAPTIVE’, investigating a ‘kitsch aesthetic‘ and a bizarre form of ‘decorativism’ to produce an almost satirical outcome before your very eyes. To round off NORTH, NORTH-EAST, SOUTH, SOUTH-WEST AND 360°, Andreas Pashias will be exploring the ways in which the body can be used an a living canvas in his reactive piece, ‘Vandalism’.

Cell63 artplatform is a gallery space born from Italian artist Luisa Catucci, where artists from all background and all mediums can develop and display their artistic concepts. For more information about the event and Cell63 artplatform, you can visit their website here.

SikarntSkoolisariyaporn_Cell63_BeautifulBizarreNinaKrugeSchmale_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre Eru_theSevenOfEglise_BeautifulBizarre BiljanaBosnjakovic_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre BarbaraKowa_Cell63_BeautifulBizarre AnikaWebber_Cell62_BeautifulBizarre

CIPAFestival, Lefkosia, Cyprus, 06.2013



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