We present our favourite photography finds of the week, sourced from various social media platforms.

Enjoy beautiful.bizarre’s weekly Photogasm!

sarah_rose_smiley_beautifulbizarre_003Sarah Rose Smiley

wiktor_franko_beautifulbizarre_014Wiktor Franko

yelena_yemchuck_beautifulbizarre_015Yelena Yemchuk

sally_mann_beautifulbizarre_016Sally Mann

piet_biniek_beautifulbizarre_002Piet Biniek

nico_nordstrom_beautifulbizarre_019Nico Nordstrom

kristin_hatgi_sink_beautifulbizarre_001Kristen Hatgi Sink

philomena_famulok_beautifulbizarre_017Philomena Famulok

jone_reed_beautifulbizarre_003Jone Reed

iliko_kandaveli_beautifulbizarre_011Iliko Kandaveli

jan_saudek_beautifulbizarre_012Jan Saudek

isa_marcelli_beautifulbizarre_013Isa Marcelli

Fred Fraser

antonio_palmerini_beautifulbizarre_007Antonio Palmerini

lucy_reynolds_beautifulbizarre_004Lucy Reynolds

bill_brandt_beautifulbizarre_006Bill Brandt

heiner_luepke_beautifulbizarre_010Heiner Luepke

hailey_heaton_beautifulbizarre_009Hailey Heaton

ann_hamilton_beautifulbizarre_008Ann Hamilton

ekaterina_grigorieva_beautifulbizarre_020Ekaterina Grigorieva

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My name is Orpa. Not Oprah. Not Orca. Though, I will admit it is momentarily intriguing to imagine being a benevolent celebrity or ferocious-looking whale. On occasion, I like to pretend I'm Frida Kahlo (which is really just an excuse to drink tequila and wear far too much jewellery while prancing around the house with a hideously over-exaggerated unibrow). Other times, I'm content drinking coffee and dressing within societal bounds. To me, art is a drug. If If I go a day without seeing, hearing or creating it, panic sets in and I become irrational. I can't wait for my next high. Please, whatever you do, don't send me to rehab.

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