Silas’ ‘Descendenten’ @ Walls Gallery

In his second large-scale solo show ever, Silas Schletterer, perhaps better known solely as Silas, brings his dream-like creations to Walls Gallery, Amsterdam, in his latest show ‘Descendenten’. Full of subtle details, Silas’ mesmerizing paintings bring characters to the forefront of his illusions, merging imagination, oil paints, and his ongoing theme exploring the relationships between animal and man.

Merging palettes devoid of overtly strong primary colours, Silas continues to create a sensual magnetism within his work; Defined brush strokes overlap into each other, playfully creating waves eager to whisk you into each painting as you observe. In his own distinct style, Silas never fails to produce strong paintings. The depths of the skies and surrounding landscapes often intertwine human subjects and nature to capture moments from untold stories. Simultaneously tender and melancholic, while at the same time glowing in the embers of existence, his enigmatic portraits characterize subjects of unusual beauty staring, unapologetic and proud.

Silas | Descendenten

Exhibition Dates:

16 May 2015 – 14 June 2015


15 May 2015, 18:00 – 20:00

Walls Gallery

Walls Art House

Prinsengracht 737, 1017 JX Amsterdam


De Stenen Wachter

Silas graduated in 2000 from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. He continued to develop his interests and artistic skill as an illustrator for a couple of years, yet he found himself with a yearning to further explore his own pathway as an independent artist. Eventually, the tug of his heart took over; Silas began focusing on his own, unrestrained creations. Wading through his surrealism and enigmatic subjects, there is also another layer of understated beauty as his years as an illustrator continue to echo within his creations.

Ever-submerging into his hypnagogic world, what makes Silas’ work even more intriguing is the way he designs his characters. If you ever find yourself recognizing a face within one of his paintings, there’s a good chance that your brain may be playing with you. Each human subject that displays in Silas’ work is made up of multiple models, combining eyes, ears, mouths and numerous facial structures together rendering a new creature entirely. In this way, nothing within Silas’ work is merely ‘copied’ from life. Everything is born again, recreated under Silas’ hand and brush.

Silas truly lives for his art, adapting experiences and ideas into every piece. ‘Descendenten’ – translated as descendants in English – will unveil a series of new works by Silas painted especially for Walls Gallery, in which he will be allowing visitors to experience a new insight into his personal world through his most recent, and very intimate, ‘descendants’. Although beautiful.bizarre has been privileged to share a sneaky preview of some of his brand new works, it is clear Silas’ work is best appreciated in the (oil painted) flesh.

For more information about the event or to RSVP for the preview on Friday May 15th, please contact Walls Gallery at [email protected]


Twee Occulte Problemen


The Apprentice




The Fields of J Keltch




San Orenji




Santa Phyllosa


The Unforgiven


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