Since its opening in Dublin, Ireland only last year, GalleryX has been (with somewhat vivacious intention) causing quite a stir. After releasing its opening night featuring the best in alternatively impeccable Irish artists, a showing of arcane magic with Into The Dark and their most recent Macabre Gallery Show I, GalleryX haven’t shied far from the limelight where the provocatively flamboyant hold their heads high. Organised in support of the #YesEquality campaign, Making Out – The Exquisite Diversity of Desire will give you a new perspective on what desire really means.

Making Out – The Exquisite Diversity of Desire

Opening Reception:

May 14, 2015 | 6PM

Exhibition Dates:

May 15, 2015 – June 14, 2015


3 Herbert Street, Dublin, D2, Ireland

Opening times: Wednesday-Saturday 10-5; Sunday 12-5


Participating Artists: 

Jim Fitzpatrick (Ireland) | Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule (Australia) | Dolorosa De La Cruz (Ireland) | Louise Dumont (France) | Stuart Edwards (Canada) | Alessandro Gaggio (Italy) | Hector Heathwood (Ireland) | Cyril Helnwein (Ireland) | Christian Hofer (Ireland) | Elodie Huré (France) | Harriet Myfanwy Nia Tahany (Ireland) | Ulli Richter (Germany) | Bruce Rimell (UK) |  Darran Robinson a.k.a Dr Dublin (Ireland) | Angel Roy (France) | Italia Ruotolo (Italy) | John Santerineross (USA) | Katarzyna Sliwa (Ireland) | Alexandra Unger (UK).


Hector Heathwood – ‘MAL072’

GalleryX exists with the purpose to constantly challenge our perceptions about the world around us: What is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’? What is ‘appropriate’? What is ‘beauty’? And what, really, is ‘love’? Making Out themes around the diversity of desire itself, exploring its roots, modern day conceptions and their links to gender identities. With an amalgamation of original paintings, digital art, drawings, sculpture, ceramics and limited edition prints, GalleryX aims to share its ethos that all types of desire and identity are there to be celebrated, admired and respected.

The Gallery is once again doing itself proud. By pushing open its doors to a vast range of artists, GalleryX continue to practice what they preach by displaying an exhibition of true versatility in order to allow audiences to fully explore love and desire from all angles. All of the artists exhibiting as part of Making Out have expressed their own interpretations of what it is to cherish nonjudgmental love. Whether it is straight, gay, bisexual, monogamous or beyond, in a world where it can be difficult to find love and indulge in the never ending feasts of attraction, Making Out helps remind us that we can celebrate happiness and love in all of its forms.

The #YesEquality campaign that GalleryX supports is The Campaign for civil marriage equality in Ireland. It is helping to spread the word on equality for all in the hope of boosting a solid ‘yes’ vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum, due to take place on 22nd May. No matter where you are in the world, you can find our more about #YesEquality here.

If you would like to find out more about GalleryX or Making Out – The Exquisite Diversity of Desire check out their brand new website, which also includes details of their upcoming launch party on May 14th at 6PM!

GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre001Italia Ruotolo – ‘O –  Tribute to Michael Comte’

GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre002Angel Roy – ‘Muses’

GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre003Elodie Huré – ‘Ouverture’

GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre004Christian Hofer – ‘Lovers’

GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre005John Santerineross – ‘We Who Are Not Like Others’

GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre006John Santerineross – ‘Pleasures of the Flesh’

GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre007Bruce Rimell – ‘Lucaion – Fisher of the Stars’

GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre009Dolorosa De La Cruz – ‘N’

GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre010Darran Robinson aka Dr Dublin – ‘The Lads’

GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre011Harriet Myfanwy Nia Tahany – ‘You are the Yin to my Yang’

JimFitzpatrick_GalleryX_BeautifulBizarreJim Fitzpatrick – ‘Elroy for Equality’


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