Annabel Lecter’s Edible Sculptures: Exploring the Conjurer’s Kitchen

Deep within the Conjurer’s Kitchen there sits a woman. In her past, she trained as a sculptor and held paintbrushes to canvas producing fine art like no other – that is, when she wasn’t busy preparing animals for her taxidermy creations. Her name is Annabel de Vetten, but you may also know her by the name Annabel Lecter.

Now before you are lead too far down the road of suggested cannibalism, it’s worth noting that Annabel’s natural progression landed her away from preserved corpses and into the kitchen…more specifically, into the Conjurer’s Kitchen. Here you may still find a selection of eyeballs, torsos and skulls, but it is safe to say the anatomy within these walls will taste somewhat sweeter than you may well expect.


Have you ever bitten into a skinless face? Licked a decorated skull? Or perhaps you have thought about sinking a fork into a tropical animal? Sugar is the new preservative of choice, yet Annabel has not lost her talent for creating fine art creations. Fueling her affection of horror and alternative art, De Vetten has transmuted her skill with a paintbrush toward wonderfully weird delectables – realistic creatures, life size skulls and a mountain of horrors and fascinations lie waiting, sticky sweet, and ready to be eaten.


Annabel has described the transition as a natural progression. Admiring (and wanting to own) the work of painted skulls on display at the Ossuary of St. Michael in Austria, it occurred to her that she could replicate this herself – in chocolate. The interest grew from there, and soon she discovered a gap in the market; plenty of people seemed to be creating edible human skulls, yet there were hardly any opportunities to buy chocolate animal or bird skulls. Things continued to grow from there – she is now even creating antique anatomical teaching models out of chocolate. Unsurprisingly, Annabel de Vetten’s business has exploded with unrelenting success.

“It’s great! One day I’ll be working on a full-sized replica of the actor from the TV show Dexter for FOX, then I’ll be doing a wedding cake for a couple who runs an S&M business, and the next I’ll be doing a dragon for a wedding at Warwick Castle.”

Due to the ever-growing demand for her delicious specialties, Annabel recently succeeded in raising over £4,000 on Kickstarter in order to support the future growth of her business, so expect to see even more future creations awakening into the world!  To see more of Annabel de Vetten’s work – and buy your own – you can check out her website, Conjurer’s Kitchen. The last remaining question is: would you be able to cut into one of these sumptuous beauties? Just one little bite, no?

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Based in the UK, Natalia Joruk lives amongst a mass of art, nature, curious trinkets and green tea. As Deputy Editor, she works closely with the Editor-in-Chief, supporting with the design, curation and overall growth of Beautiful Bizarre and the annual Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize. She also oversees distribution of the magazine, so drop her a line if you know someone who would like to stock! One of her favourite perks is getting to know artists, gallery owners and their teams personally, so feel free to email her if there is anything she can help you with – or just to connect!


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