Philip Ob Rey’s ‘V’ @ Cell63 artplatform

“In the village were Phil Ob Rey grew up, cyclopes were posted at the four elbows of the sky, apricots burnt on skewers dipped in meadow-hare hearts, the sun was widely spread and roses were forbidden.”

Philip Ob Rey, a french multimedia artist and craftsman who is currently based in Iceland reveals his new project ‘V’ at Cell63 artplatform in Berlin.  ‘V’ pulls together various media to create a dramatic and immersive installation of sculpture, photography, video, light and sound.

“The V monoliths, obscure giants built by Philip Ob Rey, are both mysterious and captivating. Representing the five essential elements, these creatures made of VHS tape, dreamlike and disfigured, react against the growing dictatorship of mass media and the unstoppable plastic pollution from the over consumption of new technologies. The ‘V’s evolve in arid landscapes, lunar-like horizons of a frozen Iceland: dark and contemplative visions of a post apocalyptic ice-aged world, where digital technology becomes “extra” physical: The 4.0 Era.”~ Cell63


an exhibition by Philip Ob Rey

Exhibition Dates:

4th April – 8th May 2015


Cell63 artplatform

Allerstr. 38 | 12049 Berlin | Germany

Purchase limited edition prints from the exhibition.


Ob Rey describes the ‘V’ project, “Summoned from the dawn of the ancient world, the primeval race of the mating giants reminds us that we do not live; we sit against a sky grey and sad and our eyes merely turn to ashes the last remains of the beautiful lands in which our ancestors dwelled.  Thus is staged V, vision of a rebirth, of the impure Being according to the ancient Scriptures, creating in the manner of a nihilist prophet a magnified vision of primitive symbols, of holistic elements and exhausted naturalism of the end of a world, and the beginning of another existence.

PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_003 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_006 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_002PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_009PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_005 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_008PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_013 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_001PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_010 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_004 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_007 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_011

Opening Night

PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_016 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_015 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_014Luisa Catucci (Art Director, Cell63 artplatform) and Philip Ob Rey
.PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_020 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_017 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_021 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_019 PhilipObRey_beautifulbizarre_018
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